With tomorrow being the end of the week, and with basically most of us exclaiming in unison “Thank god its Friday!!!”, I’ve realised that it’s not applicable to everyone. I think most of us take for granted that Fridays are something that always is, and always will be. That it is a universal constant for the majority of us, and it’s unfathomable to even contemplate the fact that someone may not be celebrating the weekend.

Which then brings on the question, what is a weekend? For most of us, it is two days of time-out from the hustle and bustle, stress, and worry of our working week. Weekends are another constant we take for granted.

So after Fridays and Weekends, basically, what is a week? A week is basically a calendar allotment of 7 days of which we use to gauge time passing for ourselves, and plan our lives as such. To perpetuate that question, what is a fortnight, month, or year?

The passage of time is remembered and charted by goals, milestones, and checkpoints through our lives. Time allotment has no meaning when you think about it, if there is nothing to look forward to. That goes for the good and bad. Having our sights set on the weekends help to get us through the week. That is basically the very least that we can come to expect from our daily routine. Stretched out across the span of a year, we have checkpoints ranging from public holidays, vacations, social events…. basically anything and everything of which may raise a smile on our face because it’s a pleasant distraction from all that is not so good in our lives.

But what if you were to wipe that slate clean. Hypothetically speaking, what if you were to pretend the weekends didn’t exist. Imagine if you didn’t have to work, and your schedule for the year remained a blank canvas for those 365 days. Does a weekend have any more meaning to you? For that matter, does time matter? For days, weeks, month and a year to go by, does that time allotment really matter without anything to move towards?

What is the point of all this reasoning? Because tomorrow is Friday, and I can’t wait for it. Because after that comes the weekend, which is the best time of every week. But I’ve realise, or perhaps remembered, that this isn’t the case for all. There are so many people out there, homeless, jobless, and without family whose daily existence is nothing but a blur of hours passing. They are a story of people simply…. existing. What quality of life could there possible be if one has nothing to look forward to. I remember my days of unemployment where time would just blur from one day to the next, and it was horrible. For these people with neither friends, families, or even a home, I cannot even imagine how life must be for them.

I won’t go into my views on all this again because I’ve already mentioned it in my posts “Human Tapestry” and “Human Tapestry #2” months ago. But basically I want these people to have something to look forward to. To enjoy Fridays as we all do, even if it be by the smallest of ways. I want to do something to just make the smallest of differences, and hopefully, that will be a stepping stone for something that may increase by more as time goes on.

If I can help even one embrace “TGIF” like the rest of us, then I think I will be happy. So from tomorrow on and hopefully every Friday there after, I will begin the smallest of steps to try to bring a smile to even just one persons face. I will jaunt around the city to find a person in need, and I will give him something. For now, I will give him a bag with a hot lunch, a drink, a $5 bill, and a handwritten note telling him that someone does care. It’s not much in the scheme of things, if fact it is nothing, but for those with nothing, the smallest thing can mean everything. And basically, I think these people need to know that people do care.

And hopefully as time goes on, my capacity to give will increase, and I hope someday somehow I will be better positioned to make a larger difference. But for now, it’s all baby steps. I still have chocolates in the office left over from Ericas present so I’ll be putting some of those in tomorrows inaugural lunch gift bag. Instead of bringing the rest of, I’ll leave it here for next weeks bag.

Hopefully tomorrow someone will feel a semblance of the joy that Friday brings to me, and to whomever that person is, I thank him in advance for making MY Friday a little sweeter because of it.