Location: Entrance to Pitt Street Mall along Market Street
Time: 11:45am
Package: Hungry Jacks Large Triple Cheese Burger Value Meal (Burger, McFlurry, Chips, Coke), $5 bill, and personal note.
Note: Hope you get back on your feet soon. Take Care.”
Description: Blue jacket, blue hat, long white beard and hair. Approx age 40+.
Response: Polite and appreciative

Well, the inaugural food drop went exceptionally. I was worried that there may be none of the usual suspects in the area due to the presence of council rangers whom have a tendency to move them on, but it was not the case. Sadly I guess I should say, within the span of less than 100m I saw 3 individuals whom need help.

It’s a tough choice to decide on whom to give the care package to. I naturally gravitated towards the most “poor looking” person. Also one whom was older as having age against you under these circumstances is also a factor. When I picked out the person whom I was going to give the lunch to, and walked into the food court, I was stunned. For no particular reason, but your perspective on things tend to change depending on what your mind is doing at that point in time.

Seeing as I was focused on the plight of the pitiful looking individual, i was smacked in the face when I walked into the food court by the number of people buying food, lauging, smiling, the sheer amount of food on offer that almost all of us can just buy with nary a thought nor reservation. But there is this one person outside whom can’t. Whom has to struggle for everything, even a bite. My heart truly went out to him.

I decided on the Hungry Jacks (or Burger King if you will) meal on this occasion because it incorporates a large burger, chips, dessert and drink. And basically because of its fat laden contents, everyone loves it. And it shames me here to say that….. I stole a chip. A solitary chip…. sigh…. such weak flesh I have. Once ordered, I went up to the guy whom had his head between his knees, and asked him how he was. He responded meekly and politely that he was okay. I told him that I had some lunch for him, and that there was a $5 note inside, then patted him on the back and quickly left. He was stunned and tried to speak and got out a “thank you”, but I could tell he clearly wasn’t used to such charity. The look of stunned appreciation on his face was clear as day.

And let me tell you it felt sooooooooooooooooo good! There is no greater high than from the satisfaction one gains from giving. Especially to someone whom you know needs it, and appreciates it. Just the look on his face to me was a payment to me far more valuable than what I gave him. It walked away with an amazing feeling, and I can’t wait to do it again next week.

Basically as much as I would like to talk to him further, from past experiences bonding just makes it harder. As much as I appreciate the want or need for him to have someone listen to him, I know that sometimes they try to hold on to you like a lifeline. And this makes it so much harder to do what you need to do, and possibly hurts him when you can’t give him what he is craving. So basically I’m just there to get in, then get out.

All I can hope for is that it made his day, and his belief in humanity just that little better. And that hopefully others will see the example of what happened today, and follow it. It’s just a hope, but who knows what may happen. For for anything to grow, it needs but just a seed. As cliched as it sounds, the saying that “Giving is its own reward is true”.

Reference: The TGIF Project