Location: Corner of Castlereagh St and Market St. David Jones mens section corner.
Time: 13:25am
Package: Roast Beef and gravy, hot chips, a large coke, and a $5 bill.
Note: Spontaneous, didn’t have a note ready.
Description: Blue jeans, black old suit jacket looking thing, black tee shirt. Clean shaven, short hair grown out. Approx age mid 30’s.
Response: Very cheery and enthusiastic.

Was down at Town Hall today, walked from the Capitol Theatre up to Town Hall station along George St. Surprisingly, there were no beggars around! Usually kind of strange, or maybe they come out at night when it’s cooler. Or maybe the council rangers have moved them on. Either way, it was a bit of a surprise! Not a one to be seen, so I jumped on the train and went back to last weeks location.

I saw the same gentleman on the same corner when I did last weeks food drop. And for that same matter I saw the gentleman at the receiving end of last weeks package in the same place. I opted for the older guy last time as he looked more “down and out”. But this time gave it to the younger fella. Saw another kind stranger give some money to the man as I was walking towards him. They spoke, and shook hands. Absolutely terrific to see!

I knelt down, asked him how he was going, and he surprised me with how chirpy he was! He seemed to be in good spirits which I’m very pleased to see, hopefully it’s a true reflection on how’s feeling. But he was extremely appreciative, and make sure his thanks were known. I bid him well, and walked away.


Reference: The TGIF Project