Location: Entrance to Pitt Street Mall along Market Street
Time: 01:00pm
Package: KFC Upsized Ultimate Burger Meal (Large chips, large drink, chicken fillet burget, 1 piece original recipe chicken, regular potato and gravy), $5 bill, and a note.
Note: “Things will get better Champ. Just hang in there.”
Description: Person 1: Blue jeans, old black tee shirt. Clean shaven, short hair grown out. Approx age mid 30’s. Person 2: Blue cap, blue jacket, black jeans/pants, checkered shirt I think. Unfriendly looking. Approx age mid 30’s-40’s.
Response: Thankful and appreciative.

I had already planned whom to give this weeks drop to already from a few days ago. There was a new gentleman that appeared earlier this week on the Market St stretch between Elizabeth and Castlereagh. I was planning for him to be the recipient this week.

So it was with some surprise that I didn’t see him there today. The two individuals from the previous weeks were still in their usual locations, however there was an addition today. The person from the first week had someone else whom he was talking to. Another homeless individual whom I’ve seen around town. This guy didn’t look too friendly. There was another new presence a few steps away as well scouring the bins for food or ciggies.

For a second there I froze. Here are 3 individuals within earshot of each other, I would feel extremely awkward giving it to just one of them. So I wasn’t sure what to do. I then walked the entire length of the Pitt St mall hoping to find someone new whom was isolated and I didn’t feel so uncomfortable giving to, but there were no more as it was approaching the business end.

So I ended up walking back, by then the guy looking in the bins were gone, and I walked up to the 2 homeless guys and asked them how they were. I actually more directed the question towards the guy from Case 1, as the other guy didn’t look too friendly. But I addressed both of them. Case 1 answered and said he was quite good. So I told him I’ve got some lunch for both of them, and he thanked me profusely and called me a “kind soul”. I then patted him on the back, wished them well, and got the hell outta dodge!

Mr Unfriendly just made me feel a bit weird but that’s okay. It was interesting today, wasn’t the best feeling knowing that there were 3 of them there and I only had enough for one, possibly 2 people in there as it was a large package of food. I realise that the easiest answer would have been to buy another package of food, but there is a line I have to draw when I have to say, “This is all I can do”. Otherwise I’d either go broke, or into depression.

Hopefully I can redraw that line to further include and assist more down the track, but for now unfortunately, it has to stay where it is.

Reference: The TGIF Project