Location: David Jones entrance on Market St between Elizabeth and Castlereagh St
Time: 01:15pm
Package: Mixed Kebab with the lot, a large Coke, and a $10 bill.
Note: None
Description: Medium length white beard, long scraggly hair, bald patch on top. Black shirt and jeans.
Response: He was confused when I spoke to him and a tad defensive. I got the impression he thought I was about to harass him or move him on. Mumbled appreciation after food drop.

Technically this would be TGIM, not TGIF as it’s actually a Monday. But the previous few Fridays I’ve taken a combination of sick leave or have been extremely busy. So I haven’t done a food drop for a couple of weeks. But I’ll have to figure out something else soon too as this is my final week in the City, and so this may very well come to an end. I’m sure I’ll be able to figure out an alternative way to help out others. We’ll just wait and see!

I’m quite tired after today’s effort. Erica and I were in that area of the city to pick up our wedding rings and pick out my Groomsmen’s shirts from David Jones. I noticed one of the people that I’ve wanted to do a food drop with hanging around the entrance to DJ whom I haven’t given food to before. So after our shopping, we went to the food court, and came back out to do the drop and he was gone! Not only that, all the other homeless people in the area had been cleared out!

The council rangers must have been on the prowl and moved everyone on. I mean, I do understand why especially now. David Jones have just put up their Christmas windows for public display which is something that everyone loves to come round and see. Having homeless people hanging around sitting or laying just below it, whilst people crowd around them trying to see the window, is just a tad awkward for all.

On the flip side, here you have many men/women/children/ families getting into the spirit of Christmas, full of happiness and joy, or shopping up a storm, indirectly shoving full blown consumerism in the face of the poor and needy. If this isn’t rubbing a bad situation in your face, I don’t know what is. No one does it deliberately, but my heart goes out to those poor whom will spend Christmas, the time of love and family, by themselves, wondering if they’ll find anything to eat, and trying to find a place to sleep. The world sucks…. really it does.

Anyway, I told Erica to head back to the office first whilst I scout around and try to find someone whom needs help. I ended up doing a lap of half of Hyde Park trying to find someone without any luck. Given the roving presence of Rangers and private security personnel, I looks to me like any vagrants have been relocated. In addition to that, I ended up doing a lap of more than a city block only to find myself back where I started, with a new person whom I’ve never seen before in the same place where the guy whom I was going to do the drop with, originally was! Man!

This new gentleman was obviously on the lookout for Rangers, hence his defensive reaction (according to me) when I approached him. He was under a Christmas window, and a small crowd had gathered around him to look in the window. So it was a tad awkward to push my way all the way through, squat down next to him in front of everyone, and do the drop. But on the other hand, I have a bigger audience and as such there is hopefully a higher chance of at least one person taking note of what I did, and perhaps may think about doing the same in the future. Christmas is about giving, and there is no better reason to give than to fulfil need, as opposed to doing so to fulfil greed.

Anyway, I’m back in the office and eating my now very cold kebab. Argh…. all that cold, fatty/oily coagulated meat is not feeling too good going down… *barf* Ahhh well….

Reference: The TGIF Project