Location: David Jones entrance on Market St between Elizabeth and Castlereagh St
Time: 01:00pm
Package: Large triple cheeseburger meal (Triple cheeseburger, large fries, Mcflurry dessert thing and a large coke), $5 in gold shrapnel
Note: None
Description: Brown long sleeve Tee shirt, brown pants, facial growth, scruffy hair. Looks to be in his mid -30s.
Response: Didn’t look very friendly as this guy I’m sure gets moved on by rangers a lot as I’ve been trying to chase him down for ages! Very very appreciative after the drop, and said that he really needed it.

Like the last drop, this technically isn’t TGIF, but really TGIT. Seeing that it’s Thursday and all. But due to the fact that tomorrow is my last day in the city, I’ll be quite busy and doubt I’ll have time to do the drop. I was in the area to return 2 sets of cuff links I had purchased previously for my groomsmen. I figured that since this was my last opportunity to do the drop, I’d better take advantage of it.

Also I saw that the guy that I’ve been chasing down for ages is there. Quite a few times he’s there, but when every single time when I buy the food and come back, he’s gone! And so is everyone else in the area. Damn council rangers…. But this time I decided to hurry. Downside, I only had $15 in my wallet and so this translate to the fact that one of us isn’t going to be having lunch. And I decided that I would be the one to go hungry (as I’m sure he has his fair turn of that everyday).

After buying the package and dropping the extra $5 in, I realised I had enough left over to get myself a wee little cheeseburger and nothing else. Oh well, better than nothing! I was worried that he wasn’t going to be there when I returned but thankfully this time he was! I gotcha!!!

Now I’ll have to ponder ways of which I can still help these people from afar as I won’t be based in the city again for quite sometime. When I get back from my wedding I’ll be hitting the road again doing the regional and metro support work. I’m sure there’s a way to help. But hey, if anything out there in Sydney (or in the world) is willing to pick up where I’ve left of, please, give it a shot. It’s an amazing feeling and despite what the naysayers would try to have you believe, you ARE making a difference.

Remember that you’re not giving them food, or words, or attention, or money. You’re giving them hope, and that is probably one of the most powerful and universal currencies there is.

Reference: The TGIF Project