And it was all going so well….

Here I am, stuck at home on my lonesome like a hermit, and even worse, a hermit with a blocked nose, sore throat, cough, and other assorted feelings of bliss. Being sick on holidays sucks the big one. And here I thought I was doing quite well to avoid my usual holiday bout of food poisoning.

At least I’m not alone. From my various encounters with people, it seems to be that something has been doing the rounds in air. Unfortunately, this would not be Santa or the usual December Christmas Festivities. This would be some nasty bug that I’ve apparently picked up. Rats… Whilst I’m here at home dosing up on a combination of anti-biotics, honey water, more random medications and some nasty looking black coloured pond water that Erica picked up from some Chinese Herbalist, she’s out and about with CR, Glenn, and Emily checking out her bridesmaids dresses and no doubt eating an awesome dinner that makes the 2 day old hum ching peng that I’m currently munching on seem like a urinal cake. Argh…. but I have no choice. There’s absolutely nothing else to eat in the house and I need to have something so I can take my anti-biotics.

This sucks. At least I managed to wangle a decent bak chor mee out of Erica this morning after a little morning spat between us about how I’m still insisting on eating things that I really shouldn’t be, given my sore throat an all. Erica, got bless her sugar crusted heart, has both an enormous tolerance and weakness for my manja idiocy and stubborness :)

So that’s all I’ve had to eat all day. 1 serving of bak chor mee divvied up between 2 meals (for the sake of medication), and 2 day old rock hard hum ching peng. What a waste of a day in SG. I’m hoping that I’ll feel better tomorrow, because if I’m not then I’ve effectively ruled myself out for Zoukout on Saturday. I’ll be sitting away all by my lonesome our room in the Rasa Shangrila whilst the others party the night away in the semi-naked mosh pit of debauchery that will be raging away on Siloso Beach. Sigh…. At least better sick this week than next, after all, my wedding is much more important than seeing countless numbers of beautiful bikini clad women writhing the night away, high on alcohol, with their bags and inhabitions checked at the door, right? Right. Right!!! *slap*