As they often say, as “they” so wisely often do, “There’s no place like home”. After 4 weeks away from home, it truly is good to be back for there is no place like it. My refuge, my haven, my solace, my home.

It’s a great feeling to be back home, especially if one has been bunking in with his in-laws for the past few weeks. The incessant nagging, chatter, noise, squabbling, obligations, etc etc etc… it’s enough to put the anchors on any notion of having a stress free holiday. Of course it wasn’t without it’s high points, but lets just say it’s great to be back home, alone, just the two of us.

And before I go on, let me just say there is nothing like ending a long, monotonous, 8 hour flight home by landing at Sydney “International” Airport and having to stare at the mile long customs queue of which the term “gross inefficiency” doesn’t even come close to capturing the reality of the situation at Sydney Airport. Joy.

It was a big 4 weeks away in Singapore and Hong Kong. A big, tumultuous 4 weeks of which memories were created that would never be forgotten. Of which a new chapter of our lives had begun, or perhaps a chapter of old come to an end. There are too many memories over the past four weeks of which the highlight of course was my wedding, but over the course of the coming days I shall do my best to chronicle these memories the best I can, and as accurately as I can.

And so now we begin. Onwards….