For some reason it seems like it’s a trend for parents to give watches as wedding present nowadays. Quite a few of my girlfriends received them and my parents also wanted to buy Merrill and I a pair when we got married. However as we were only back in Singapore for a short time before our wedding we didn’t really have time to pick them out then. Besides, the both of us did not really have a habit of wearing watches back then as we were too used to just looking at our mobile phonea whenever we needed to know the time so I thought there was no hurry. Anyway 2.5 years after our wedding, we finally got down to picking them out. We wanted something simple and non-flashy that we could wear daily so this is what we ended up with. Diamond markers for me and plain roman numerals for Merrill coz he didn’t want any diamond on his. :)

Rolex Datejust with black Jubilee dial (also known as computer dial) and chain