The Destination- W Retreat & Spa

After months of planning, discussion, and most importantly, anticipation, the day had finally arrived for us to jet off to our much deserved Honeymoon in the Maldives! The Honeymoon is always the light at the end of that dark, stressfull tunnel that is wedding planning, and serves as a much needed reward for the absolute chaos of the previous year. So without further ado, off we go!

The Honeymoon has just too many pics to post in one hit, so I’ll be breaking it up into various smaller chapters. This will be just an quick introduction to the until our arrival on the island.

The Resort Check-in Counter

One of the great things that really helped to contribute to the whole experience, was that the entire resort check-in process was conducted on the mainland where the airport and seaplane terminal was. This is basically done so that once ou arrive on the island, you will be instantly immersed into the whole experience from the get go, getting whisked straight to your room or “Retreat”, as they call it, right from the seaplane terminal.

The Sitting Area

Free Refreshments

They offered free food and refreshments whilst they took our passports and did the entire check-in process for us. It was very efficient and quite impressive.

Our Taxi to Paradise

That’s Where We’re Going!

Absolutely Pristine Waters

The water clarity here is just amazing. It’s beyond description in fact. Never in my life have I seen a body of water so amazingly crystal.

The Floating Dock

Normally the seaplane docks on the island, but for the very early morning flights that arrive around 7am on the island, they dock at a floating station so as not to wake up or disturb the resort guests. From here a boat picks us up and ferries us to the resort.

Our Ferry to the Island

Obligatory Kissy Photo

Getting Closer!

More Crystal Water

Where the Seaplane Would Normally Land

And We’re Here!

And after the long long wait, it was kinda hard to believe that here we finally were.

The Island from the Boat Dock

Porters with Buggies

Porters were waiting for us at the dock with refreshing tropical drinks and buggies. The loaded us and our luggage on these buggies, and proceeded to give us a tour of the small island. They drove around and showed us where the all the restaurants and facilities were before driving us to our rooms.

The Walkway to the Water Retreats

It’s actually quite a long way to our Retreat from the island especially given that we were one of the ones closer to the end. The water along the whole stretch is absolutely crystal clear, and you can see all sorts of rays, squids and fishes swimming below.

Our Villa!

And so here we finally are, awaiting to step into the pleasure palace that awaits us. We were both absolutely bursting with excitement and couldn’t wait to see where we’d be sleeping for the next 7 nights! But I’ll get to that in the next post!