And so this right here is basically the catalyst for what made us choose the Maldives as our Honeymoon spot. The little hut on the water. For the longest time I’ve stared at photos of water villas the world over and just dreamed my little dreams of one day being able to spend my days on one of them. Little did I realise back then that what had previously seemed an unaffordable reality, now was. And a dream it indeed turned out to be, as long as a Tsunami didn’t come knocking anyway…

And so here we are!!! Room 224, our humble home away from home for 7 amazing nights on paradise island itself.

Room 224


Arguably the most comfy hotel bed I’ve ever been on… and the location of much kinky hijinks 😉

High Ceilings

Looking down through the glass floor

Looking up

Champagne and some incredibly sweet strawberries with cream waiting for us

Bose sound system

The Bose sound system was awesome. It was integrated throughout the villa both inside and outside. So you had hidden speakers all over the joint and could control the music remotely from inside or outside. Excellent little touch. Bose are famed for their RF remotes white work from basically anywhere and through any wall. The TV is also hooked up to the sound system.

BYO Wireless

Good thing I brought this little puppy along. Hooked it up to the LAN port and so we both had wireless access to our laptops from anywhere in our villa. We webcammed a couple of friends at work from the daybed outside and gave them a tour of the villa, truly a good way to make anyone jealous :) Once again, aren’t you glad you married a geek baby?

Macbook -> TV

For some reason I brought along all my cables for hooking anything up to well… anything “just in case”. Good thing I did as I hooked up my macbook to the TV so we could enjoy movies on the big screen, and music (if I had any) on the surround system. And Erica thought it would be silly of me to randomly pack a VGA cable when travelling… sheesh! :)

Bathroom with a glass strip on the floor, and a rain shower

The Deck

The absolute perfect place to laze around. A big round day bed, two deck chairs, and a lounge area that’s sheltered. Much time was spent here.

The Lounge

I have to mention this because it amused me no end. We were out on the lounge, getting… busy, doing what honeymooners do, where mid session we saw two snorkelers go right past. It was quite distracting, especially when I say one of them pop their head up to look at us, but then thankfully for all of us kept on swimming by. Bastards…. they broke my rhythm.

Our Plunge Pool

The infinity plunge pool was absolutely ace. It’s the perfect place to cool off after a hot session of sun bathing, or to wash off the salt from snorkeling around the villa. It also had a built in jacuzzi on one end. I don’t think I could enjoy a villa without a private plunge pool again!

Crapper with a View

It’s the first time I’ve been able to take a crap with an ocean view. Or better yet, taking a crap, whilst web surfing on your laptop, with an ocean view. Gosh… I think I’ve been spoilt forever. It’ll be hard to go back to cold, hard reality where I have to stare at a tiled wall whilst taking a dump. Boo….

Ladder to the water

Snorkelling off the rear deck

This is at low tide which is why it’s so shallow. You can see me chasing a school of very large whiting and also a stingray. At the end of the video you’ll see a large coral formation which is absolutely stunning when you’re down there. It’s like a huge marine aquarium that is just so busy. It’s much better when the tide is high as you have larger fish around.

One of many stingrays lurking below our Villa

Squid Family

This was so cool. Every morning there would be this big family of squids that would just line up outside our villa. There would be like 15+ of them. It’s so bizarre, they would just line up from smallest to largest and just sit there for hours. They were so cute, I just wanted to stuff them with pork and boil them in soup. Mmmm….

Outdoor Shower

We ended up having our showers here 90% of the time during day. Oh, and I have to mention that the water pressure in the villas is just great. I had expected some pretty weak pressure given the location and all but that’s not the case. The pressure here is absolutely superb. Both the indoor and outdoor showers had rainshower fittings and hand showers too. The outdoor also was tapped into the hot water system so you could have hot showers outside. Showering right next to the ocean is just a cool experience. So is watching the sunset cruise sailing past and hoping (wishful thinking) they don’t get an eyeful of 2 naked souls rubbing themselves over! But hey it’s all part of the experience :)

Plunge Pool Shenanigans

View of our villa from the water


Here we are taking a nice hot bath and watching the storm rage outside. Immensely satisfying!

Tropical Storm

We had one day where the storm hit and hit hard. If this is a normal tropical storm, I can’t even imagine how terrifying (and fun) a tropical cyclone would be. To them this is nothing. Thankfully we only had one day of this. Enough to enjoy the novelty of being wrapped up in each others arms, all cosy like, and watching to storm blow itself silly outside.

The Storm


Tan, jump in pool. Tan more, jump in pool. Repeat repeat repeat. Some may find this hard to believe, but I actually got a tan! Wow! It’s like a miracle!


So there you have it, a not so quick tour of our humble abode abroad. Most posts yet to come of the Honeymoon! Stay tuned!