It was the moment that I was dreading during the Wedding Wedding once I started hearing talk about a post wedding party session. I was tired, exhausted, and the last thing I wanted to do was chug more booze and indulge in some awkward dance floor gyrations. So when I saw Denise (the eternal party girl) sauntering over to Erica and myself, I knew what was coming.

I’m not exactly sure if it’s standard operating procedure for the wedding couple to hit the town after their wedding dinner, especially when they should be stuck in their wedding bed, locked in a sexual battle heated enough to make the hotel guests in the adjacent rooms run for their lives. But seeing as it would be the last opportunity for my Aussie friends to go nuts before they leave, I decided… why the hell not!

And so we ended up heading over to St James Power Station for a session of booze induced bravado. We had a few drinks an one of the outside pubs before going into some cheena club inside. It was hilarious, I’ve never been into a canto pop club before. So this was the first time not just for me, but for my friends too. Watching them all dancing to the blaring canto pop was nothing short of amusing :)

Paul, Monica, and Falcon in the cab over

Erica and me with the man who has more connections than a phone exchange

Tanya, Mei Mei, and Emily

Us next to a giant beer mug

Denise and Erica


Dave and Paraic

Erica and Dawn

Me, Tom, and Dave


Ben and Dawn

Height Discrepancy- Little Denise trying to dance with gigantor Adrian

Result of drunk dancing

This was quite hilarious. Denise was trying to swing dance whilst drunk the entire time. I think she sustained quite a number of bruises through out the night, including a face to floor encounter. As one can obviously see from the photo, Tom her is husband is none too impressed :)

Crazy Joanne

Leaving for the next bar

We went to the next place and I can’t remember what it was called. Seeing as it was quite late on a Monday night, it was pretty quiet in there. So we just hung around and had a few more drinks.

Denise trying to get me dancing again

Geez, get a room you two!!! :)

Dodgy Photo

Emily came up to me on behalf on her friend whom was asking about Bawdys relationship status, whether he was single or not. So I dragged Emily away and proceeded to give her the low down. Unfortunately, to everyone else, it looked like I dragged her again and pinned her against the wall. Apparently it looked like I was making moves on her! Lol….

Erica trying to get a revenge photo with Adrian! hahaha!

The Sarge in action

Almost there!


The idea of one of my best mates shacking up with one of my sister-in-laws friends was really quite bizarre. All of us were in hysterics watching JB plow his moves on her. Apparently, she wanted it too. They eventually departed the rest of us early to a round of applause because he obviously wanted to give her a solid seeing to. Good old bawds. However I did feel sorry for Dave whom was sharing his room. He had to end up bunking with Falcon and go to sleep wearing his suit!!! Good times.

And so there it was, the finale of the night. I’m glad we decided to go out even though we were so tired after the dinner as we had an absolute blast. The next day many started to depart for their respective countries. A huge thanks to everyone for helping to make the day, night, and experience as special and memorable as it was!!!