And finally we get to my last post on the fruits of the island. Starting off with our room service meals. The perfect thing for those nights when it’s either hammering rain outside, you’re just too tired and lazy from diving and snorkelling all day, or you have to do a cram study session for a damn dive exam. The food menu is mostly comprised of menu dishes from the restaurant Kitchen. However, on on of the occasions we were absolutely craving the fresh seafood of the Fish Restaurant.

So we put in a request to see if we could order directly from the restaurant and have them send a guy to deliver it to our hut. They were only too happy to comply. Another noteworthy mention is that I wanted a dish that I couldn’t remember from the menu previously. After they read it for me it turned out that they didn’t have the dish that I wanted because that particular fish wasn’t on the menu that day. As he saw how much I was craving it, he put the head chef directly on to me! The head chef was so friendly and took the time to go through the menu and talk about the flavours of each dish, and his own recommendations. Seeing as I still wanted the dish that was missing, he went through his list of available fish for the night to find one with flesh suitable for that style of preparation and selected one. The service was absolutely outstanding, and I don’t know any other venue or resort that would provide such an incredibly high level of friendly and sincere service. Outstanding.

Anyway, on with the food! Can’t remember the names once again so we’ll have to go with general captioning!

Fancy Room Service Meals

Fresh Foccacia Style Bread

Carpaccio of Beef

Creamy Lamb Dish on Mash

Veal on Cous Cous

Tuna Tataki Salad

Awwwwwful shot of us!


Spaghetti Carbonara

Caesar Salad with Tuna

Another huge gastronomic night in

Cheese Burger

Spaghetti Bolognaise

Black Truffle and Foie Gras Terrine

Tuna Tartare with Tabasco Sorbet

Kingfish or Snapper Miso Salad

Marinated Prawn Dish

Pig In Action

Steak Sandwich

Wrap and Nacho Chips

And here is where we spent every morning enjoying breakfast. The Kitchen. It’s your typical buffet style breakfast but with a last assortment of tropical fruit that changes every day along with their bread selection. Our staples were smoked salmon and kingfish, crusty bread, and various preparations of eggs every morning. The first time we asked them for Eggs Benedict, it was prepared to perfection. However, the second, third, and fourth occasions all turned out pretty bad. Wasn’t exactly sure why…. The hot food is not on display and is basically cooked to order. Eggs, bacon, sausages, waffles, fried rice/noodles, dim sims, etc etc etc.

It was very relaxing to have a nice laid back breakfast every morning and enjoy the scenery. If only every day could be like this!

The Kitchen

Our Daily Seat

Our Final meal

Sashimi from a Snapper we caught ourselves the night before! Yum!

Thai Beef Salad