Finally!!! After what seemed like an eternity, I have finally completed the migration of my proposal photos from Imagecrap to Photobucket. There were a ton of photos that had disappeared from the Imageshack servers and I had to re-edit them from the originals so I could upload them to PB. Grrrrr…. thank god that frustrating nightmare is over. And whilst I was there I cleaned up the nasty mess of HTML coding that I had previously formatted it in.

Now I can take my time with the rest of the photos on my blog. No hurry as I don’t really care about them, it was just the proposal section that I was worried about!

Woohoo! All there! But I swear if Photobucket ever starts to pull that same crap that Imageshack did, I’m gonna go kick a puppy. And god knows how much I adore puppies!