I was just showing “The Story of Us” to Viv last week because I found out that she surprisingly didn’t know any of the sordid story and was under the illusion that Erica was some sort of angel (HAH!). So it’s great to be able to pull out the link and fire it off instead of having to explain the whole thing in detail myself.

Click here for The Story of Us

Just yesterday I ended up re-reading the entire saga again because it still amuses me to no end and only then remembered that I still hadn’t finished it. So much so had I forgotten about it that I haven’t even replied to many of the comments that were left! Sorry you people that I forgot to reply to! I have yet to do Chapter 8, the next in what will hopefully be finished by part 9, or 10 at the very latest. After leaving it for so long, it’s hard to pick the pen up and get the same flow going again but I guess I should try. Again, it’s one of those emotional stories that is better written when the mood strikes, than churning one out because you just want to finish it off. Also, the best parts have already been done is the remaining parts are less eventful than the previous. I’ve decided to make the effort to hopefully find the motivation to finish at least the next part within the week.

That’s not the only one, I still haven’t finished my Honeymoon post either. I have one more part left on that but just ended up getting bored of it, so that’s another thing I have yet to finalise.

Lastly, I was also going to post about the story of J, my ex girlfriend and why we broke up. Seeing as we were going out for 5 years, a relatively long time, there are many friends that have known us during that period whom have asked me if we’re still together and why we broke up? To all whom knew us, it was just assumed that we were both going to be married, for better or worse. So to tell the whole complicated story of why we broke up is usually a massive pain in the ass. The final couple of years with her was pretty damn painful, but there was a single, solitary incident that looking back now made the whole episode worthwhile.

And that would be the “Tiffany Box” incident. Now those whom know that story are probably laughing their asses off right about now, and rightly so :) In retrospect, I look back upon “The Tiffany Box” with great pride and it never fails to put a smile on my face, or elicit some good laughs from my friends. To me it was probably the equivalent of the Naked Laundry incident (Click here for it) in The Story of Us.

I’m still tossing up whether to lock it up so that it’s a friends only post or to leave it public but I’m torn. On one hand, I lock up all my posts which refer to any particular person because it may or may not possibly hurt their feelings. On the other hand, she did what she did to me and I probably should not care about hurting her feelings (if she’s capable of having any at all) as a result. I’m always throwing daggers or poking fun at her on this blog, so perhaps it would be good to elaborate on why. Either way, I might just ask the magic 8 ball if I should lock it up or not. The answer would probably be as good as any I could come up with.