This was by far the smallest surprise for the day. After the proposal itself had concluded, I wanted a situation by which we could soak in the events that had just transpired and have an opportunity to digest it. To also have a beautiful view as a side dish to boot.

Also it was a time where I wanted my friends to fully partake and relax in what we had all pulled together to accomplish.

The location was perfect, lining the beach itself next to the drop zone, there were these little gazebos with picnic tables and benches which were perfect for the occasion. Giving us both a perfect view of the water and the drop zone.

Shannon was tasked with the responsibility of organising this part of the day as having fresh items of food involved, it would be near on impossible for me to purchase and hide them. So she was responsible for organising the plates, food, linen, and anything else she saw fit for the occasion. I had given her guidelines on what I wanted, and left the rest to her judgement.

I wanted the meal to be light so as not to impact the big surprise lunch that Erica and I were going to have, as well as being a decent enough breakfast to sate the appetites of those who were hungry. Most importantly, it had to look good :)

We ended with a platter of fresh fruit, and another of selected sweets, cakes, and desserts. I specially requested scones with jam and cream as I knew Erica loved them. Even though I knew that we would both be too excited to really have an appetite, I wanted her to have things that I knew she did like.

Earlier in the week I went to purchase a bottle of French Champagne. I was torn between a bottle of Moet Chandon and Dom Perignon. Dom is well… Dom… but it was so damn expensive! But ohh that famous Dom Shield on the bottle was sexy! It was double the price of the Moet. In the end Shannon talked me out of the Dom as it was just overkill, and that I could use the money to buy glasses of fancy champagne over lunch anyway, and Moet was still good. So Moet it was. I passed the bottle to her one day at work and she put this aside with the other stuff she purchased to pull out on the day.

Also 3 of the 4 dozen roses that I purchased were for the table. The remaining dozen being for the proposal.

Shannon, Janine, and Elaine were busy setting up the breakfast table while the rest of us were organising the sign. They did a great job with what they had to work with. And I didn’t even get to see what they had done until I first walked over with Erica after the proposal.

When Erica and I first arrived at the table, she was probably still on a high as it didn’t look as though she noticed the whole breakfast spread… as I recollect anyway. So to me it didn’t turn out to be as special as I had planned or hoped, but then again I guess any girl would find it hard to notice a simple breakfast platter after jumping out of a plane from 14000 feet!

Looking at the table, we saw a wonderful surprise that Shannon got for the both of us. I had absolutely no idea. It was 2 silver goblets that fit together to form a single heart shaped goblet. And each was engraved with Ericas and my name respectively. It was absolutely beautiful. Thanks Shannon, that was so lovely and thoughtful of her! I love it!

As per my instructions, the guys gave me about 10mins to chill with my new fiancee, and to pop the cork on the champagne. To have my first toast to a new life with my baby. Once that was done I waved the gang over and we all celebrated.

This was the chance for everyone to spill the beans on all the secrets and lies that we have been telling for so long. All the pent up frustration of it finally being vented. It was great :) We all revelled in the moment and had a terrific time. I did my toast to everyone, thanked them all for being such terrific friends, then proceeded to wrap it up.

We were on a clock as we had to drive back home in time for Erica to shower, change into something nice, and await the taxi to pick us up for lunch. Where was lunch she asked? Well… that would be the next surprise. Also I dropped the hint of another surprise by telling her to pack an overnight bag as we where going away. Where she asked? You’d think she would know by now not to expect a straight answer to any question asked on this day :)

Arriving back at the car, we discovered that Falcon took the liberty of strapping a big cardboard sign to the back of the car that said “Just Engaged”. Cute :) On the way home we had many a car beeping us and giving us a congratulatory wave and a thumbs up as they drove past. That was nice :)