I know it has been ages since I last updated, but it has been a crazy 2 months filled with drama. To summarize:

  • Spent a lovely 2 weeks in Singapore/HK in January just catching up with friends, eating and of course shopping.
  • Still working in Sydney. Will probably be here till the end of the year at least, if not longer.
  • In the midst of breaking up with P.
  • Am kinda seeing this guy, M, even though I’ve not officially broken up with P yet.
  • Drama concerning M and my housemate/good friend of 10 years, H. They used to be friends but are no longer on speaking terms which means I’m kinda stuck in the middle and it sucks big time.

If anyone is wonderng, I am not breaking up with P coz of M. I’ve already made the decision to break up before anything happened with M. I just can’t handle a long distance relationship plus there are a lot of other reasons which led me to the decision. So yup, that’s pretty much what’s been happening in my life the past 2 month. Sigh…