My cousin had a room at Capella in Sentosa for 2 nights so I went over to hang out and play with my little niece, Ashlyn. We didn’t get up to much, just went to the beach for a bit and spent the rest of the time chilling out by the pool and the jacuzzi. Very nice and relaxing. I have to say though that while the room at Capella was very lovely, especially with the private jacuzzi on the balcony, I doubt I will splurge on it just for a getaway seeing as I can get an amazing pool villa in Thailand or a gorgeous beach villa at the Maldives for a similar price.

Perfect day to drive with the top down

Selection of cold meats and yogurt with fresh berries

Looks like she was posing for the photo but she wasn’t

We also had a lovely dinner at Nogawa after but the photos for that were taken on the LX3 so I’ll wait for Merrill to post process the photos first. Or better still, just wait for him to post about it. 😉