It seems that of late I’ve inadvertently swapped my so called soup diet for what is increasingly looking to be an instant noodle diet! With factors such as the lack of carbs during the freezing cold heart of winter, and me being a lazy little prat coming into play, I’ve been resorting of late to the good ol’ fashioned student diet of old.

Ahhh… instant noodles. The brainchild of inventor Momofuku Ando. The humble pack of instant noodles is something we take for granted like freedom of speech, the scent of flowers on a spring breeze, and freely available XXX content on the internet. It was this humble, cheap but yet fulfilling and tasty morsel that helped to carry many of us through our student days.

Where should times of trouble come knocking and those we know depart on the coat tails of our cash, the noodle stays. Through those times where hunger strikes but those whom you think care about you care not enough to suffer the pain of cooking, the noodle steps up to the plate. When you’re in a place of which is anything but familiar, and you feel lost… alone… disparate, the noodle remains the shining beacon of solidarity. No matter where, no matter when, all hail…. The Instant Noodle!!!!

For many many years in high school, probably for close to 5 years straight, I ate instant noodles for brekky almost every single day. My mum would prepare the exact same noodles in the exact same flavour (Prawn flavoured Yum Yum Noodles) every day before school. And I loved it each and every one of those days. Even now, I still haven’t tired of them.

Traversing down the noodle isle at the chinese grocery store still gives me a tingle of excitement. So many flavours, so many brands, so many types of noodles! It’s truly like a religious experience. How is a man to be content with just one noodle? It’s like shopping for a blowjob on the streets of Amsterdam. Oh just how does one choose?

With all sorts of obscure flavours available to tease the pallet, it’s rare that I can just settle for just a pack or two. Standard noodle shopping procedure involves me getting the usual suspects (classic Indo Mie Mee Goreng, misc Tom Yum flavours, etc) , then adding to the basket a few new ones that I have yet to experience. Erica is always amused when I go waltzing down the noodle isle for I’m truly like a kid in a candy store.

Naturally I’ve never considered instant noodles the healthiest of dietary options, but I’ve never considered it to be too dramatically unhealthy either. And it was only in the last fortnight that I realised just how much fat were in those little plastic wrapped parcels. Each packet of noodles contains around 20g of fat per 100g of noodles. That’s a pretty impressive amount of fat! Seeing as I had eaten instant noodles for about 4 straight meals last week, I figured it was probably not doing me much good.

Then lo and behold a trip to the supermarket where a beam of light shone from the heavens to illuminate the most maligned of noodle brands… Maggi! Now just about everyone reading this has grown up with Maggi. It’s been the staple of our youth before their stranglehold on the instant noodle market was crushed by the many international rivals that have charged their shore. Now, Maggi is known as the bland, boring noodle that is only eaten by white folk whom don’t know any better. For many years I’ve looked upon Maggi with both a combination of fond nostalgia and disdain…. until now.

Now, they’ve changed their method of noodle preparation. They are now baked, not fried! Whoa! Most of the fat content from instant noodles stems from the deep frying process to keep the noodle. However, Maggi have changed their tact to follow the new health trend and baked instead of fried their noodles. So now, instead of having 20+gm of fat per 100gm of noodles, you have less than 1g!!!

The course of my noodle slurping adventures would never be the same again. Now, I use a combination of the baked noodles from Maggi with the seasoning sachet from my favourites, and I have to say it’s a pretty fucking guilt free experience. Granted, the baked noodles aren’t as great in texture or taste as the normal fried noodles, but it’s worth the offload of guilt. They’re slightly soggy in texture and I have to ensure they are somewhat undercooked to counter that, but the pro’s more than weight up against the cons. Kinda like drinking diet drinks.

I could quite happily eat instant noodles every day from now until eternity what with the seemingly infinite variety on offer. I could do it in a box, I could do it with a fox. I could do it here or there, I could it anywhere.

Let us all charge our glasses and toast the life of the late Momofuku Ando, genius that he was. Dear Mr Ando, whom passed away last year aged 96, we are forever indebted to you. Why do the good always die so young……