This was always a no brainer. For as long as I’ve known Erica, she’s always wanted to go to Tetsuyas. Now Tetsuyas has continually been rated as one of the best restaurants in the world. The UK’s Restaurant Magazine listed Tetsuyas as the 4th best restaurant in the world in 2005. Thats pretty damn good.

I’ve been there before and it was impressive, the fusion of Western and Japanese tastes were amazing. So I knew from the very start that Tetsuyas had to be included in the day. Most of you whom have heard of Tetsuyas would also have heard of its 3 month minimum wait for a weekend dinner booking (or perhaps weekday too). I decided to play it safe and attempt to book 4 months in advance for the day. But unfortunately, it was all booked out. So I had to settle for the next best thing which was a luncheon.

During the course of the months following the booking and leading up to the proposal, Erica proceeded to mention many times as a joke that she would like to go to Tetsuyas for her Birthday. I told her that I had already tried to book but it was all booked out, but rest assured I would take her sometime in the future. Just unfortunately not on that day. Of course, I guaranteed her that I would take her someplace nice instead.

For the day itself, I had organised a taxi to pick us up from our apartment at 12:15pm to take us there for our 1pm reservation. She didn’t know I even had arranged anything for lunch until we were in the car on the way home from the proposal.

I wanted her to think the proposal was it, finished, the end of the day. So naturally when she found out that we had to get back in time for the taxi, the questions started. Also asking why we are taking a taxi and not driving. I had no good lie or answer for that question, so I just said “Not going to tell you” :)

Previously she had asked me if I was taking her to dinner in or out of the city, I had said outside of the city. The human mind being what it is, it thinks what it wants to think in a very linear fashion. Most minds naturally gravitate to a birthday dinner, rarely a lunch. So it is with this in mind that she just remembered that I said we were eating out of the city, removing any suspicions she may possibly have that we were going to Tetsuyas.

In the taxi on the way to the restaurant, I again apologised that I couldn’t get a dinner booking at Tetsuyas. Again… the mind thinks in a very linear way. Given that we were on the way to a meal, it ignored the fact I said dinner and not lunch :) So she was a tad surprised when we indeed pulled up outside Tetsuyas Restaurant. Not as much as I hoped, but well… can’t win them all!

We began the meal with 2 glasses of Dom Perignon Champagne. I’ve always wanted to try Dom. That unmistakable shield is what you see in all the movies. I just had to try it. Erica and I aren’t big fans of wine so we contented ourselves with just the Champagne. It was nice… truth be told I couldn’t pick it out of a line up of other french champagnes or for that matter local sparkling plonk, but it wasn’t bad. I still would take a softdrink over fermented grape juice any day… hoity toity french or not :)

The menu is a 11 course degustation from memory and we ordered an extra offering on the day which was some oyster and rice vinegar creation. It was very simple, but tasty. Now before I go forth I will issue a word of warning and an apology to certain parties in advance who may stumble across this post. I have shamelessly pilfered and blatantly stolen photos of the food that others have taken. God bless online photo repositories available to the general public. You know who you are, thank you for the photos :) Credit to you all.

Now a food blogger or critic I obviously am not, so I will not go into analysis of flavours or what not of the individual dishes, suffice to say they all tasted wonderful, with the seafood creations all being my favourite. Here is a proper review by a food blogger of whom you may see some of my photos were stolen from.

Grab Your Fork

HOWEVER…. I have to note that the bread roll they served was by far the best I have ever eaten. I am a massive fan of the humble bread roll. Warm… toasty… crispy… heavenly. This was a creation that had a crust that never seemed to end. An absolute marvel of bakery… or engineering it would seem to be more like. This combined with the Tetsuyas Black Truffle butter…. speechless. It was divine. I would happily go back and pay that money again just for the bread rolls.


Now here are some pics of the meals we had, though not pics taken of the actual food we had, as I’m not one to sit there in a public place taking snapshots of his meal. Though god bless the people that are :) These pics were taken by others that I’ve snaffled from the internet.

It was a 3 hour meal, going from 1pm to 4pm. And boy was it filling. It was all nicely topped off with a pot of peppermint tea. Now usually lunch goes to 4:30pm, and the plan it as such so the meals are all evenly space. But I had arranged for another taxi to pick us up from the restaurant at 4:15pm to take us to the next surprise. I had informed the Tetsuya staff a few days earlier of my arrangements and the guaranteed me that we would be finished and done by 4pm, giving us plenty of time to relax before the taxi arrived. Perfect :)

So that was it, I really hoped she enjoyed the meal. I certainly did and as before, Tetsuyas have definately lived up to their legacy.

But for now, more secrets and lies as off we go to the next surprise :)

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