After 6 months of procrastination, I think it’s about time I try to finish the story. The thing about taking such a long break when it comes to writing a continuing story is that the state of mind of the writer will probably have changed in the time between where the last part ended, and the next part begins. The flow of seamless continuity and emotion probably won’t be the same.

Part 7 ended with our first entire day spent together since the whole New Years Eve 2006 debacle that involved G, Hairul, sexy sheer lingerie, my unwitting penis, and the resulting fallout. I had seduced Erica that one last time, and things started to look on the up and up. Though things were still not all rosy with the world, they were certainly improving pretty damn fast.

Because by now Hairul hated me and constantly threatened me with bodily harm, Jon had been turned against me by Hairul, and Erica had moved in with both those numbnuts, I couldn’t stay over at her place or even meet up with her in any location where either of those two individuals were present. Every time they knew that she was meeting up with me, Hairl would lecture her about how she shouldn’t be meeting up with me, that she’s just going to get hurt, I’m a scumbag, yadda yadda yadda. He’d apparently go on this loop like a fucking parrot and did so every time every time he knew she was going to meet me for the next couple of months. Telling her not to bother telling him about it when, not if, she gets hurt by me.

At the time, I was living with my parents. Joyce (my ex) and I had just broken up a few months prior and I had moved back in with my folks and her back to Melbourne. Erica had only met my parents once previously in passing. Funnily enough, they asked me back then if there was anything going on between myself and Erica, even though when they met Erica, it was also with Hairul and Jon present. Of course I said no because I wasn’t interested in her at the time.

So it was with a very resigned “I knew it” sigh that my mum responded after I told her that Erica would be coming over on a weekend to spend her first night here. She asked me if we were dating and I believe I told her I didn’t know. She also proceeded to lecture me on how she did not approve of sex before marriage and me bringing girls home and doing it under her roof! Naturally my response was “Yeah yeah whatever” or something along those lines :) I understand she had to say her peace and I appreciate it, though it just went in one ear and out the other.

Now knowing Erica was about to spend her first night at my place sent me into a panic. Here I was, sleeping under my parents roof, in a tiny little bedroom on a single bed. Erica doesn’t like single beds. She’s the only person I’ve ever known to grow up sleeping on a king bed! I wanted to impress her, I wanted to make her comfortable but my environment just wasn’t conducive to that!

So I pushed two single beds together in preparation for her in an attempt to create a larger one. I bound the bed legs together with string to keep them together and jumped on it. It was still pretty uncomfortable, damn that infernal crack. So I decided get buy a thick fluffy king size mattress topper to put on the beds to make them as seamless as possible, but it was impossible to find one locally. I had specially order one from Hong Kong and pressure them to send it as fast as possible!

Erica was going to be here in a week, and I told them that I needed the topper within the week, and if he can guarantee me of that then I’ll be buying many more (a lie). True to his word, I received it within the week! It was sooo comfortable and really helped to create the impression of a king sized bed. All that I needed to do now was go shopping for a king sized quilt and we’d all be set.

Further more, I have a computer monitor in my bedroom specially set up only for watching movies, but it’s a tiny 17″ monitor. I worried that this was too small and Erica would be too bored, so I decided to go out and buy a 32″ LCD TV to replace it just so it would make Erica’s stay that little bit more comfortable. As you can see, I was pulling out all the stops and taking no chances! But I didn’t do this until after that first night and we went shopping for the TV together the next day.

I have to admit it was probably a little awkward for Erica meeting my parents for the second time, under very dodgy circumstances. Here was a girl, cheating on her boyfriend under my parents roof, meeting those very parents. But we just made the best of the situation and once again I’m thankful I have an awesome Mum. She’s really really great and made Erica feel every bit as welcome as possible. Unfortunately, my mums hospitality was repaid in the form of our very noisy bedroom antics being easily heard through our very thin plaster walls 😛 Sorry Mum!

Anyway, this went on for a couple of weeks. Erica would come over on Friday or Saturday, stay the night, then go home the next evening. Soon, it stretched to her spending 2 nights here. Every Sunday we’d be so sad knowing that she’d have to go home that night. Those 2 nights eventually stretched to 3, her spending Sunday night here, catching the train to work the following day, coming back to my place after to pick up her car and then going home before my Monday night soccer.

Sunday complaints became Monday complaints, with both of us hugging and cuddling and wishing she didn’t have to leave. Before long, Mondays stretched to Tuesdays, Tuesdays to Wednesdays, and so on and so forth until she didn’t leave my place for 3 long months. Thats right. Those single stay overs eventually stretch to a period of a 3 month continuous stay without her going home once, except to pick up more clothes. She by then already had most of her clothes at my place and was doing all her laundry here!

Mother dearest had basically accepted her into the family and treated her like a daughter. I still didn’t know if we were going out, and my mum had given up trying to figure us out! I would also like to think that she invested in a good set of ear plugs to block the noise coming out of the room. We were at it like rabbits, absolutely non-stop. I’ve never been this way with anyone. We’d regularly do it 4-5 times a day and Erica is a screamer. With her being as loud as she was, accompanied by thin plasters walls and a bed on wheels that kept hitting it, I don’t think my parents got much peace at all during those months!!! The dining room is just on the other side of our bedroom, and so we’d always come out to dinner quite sheepishly when my mum’s dinner call interrupts one of our “sessions” 😛

All this while Paul, her boyfriend, kept calling her regularly to talk to her as well as sending her SMS’s about how much he missed her and loved her. Every time he called I would walk out of the room to give her privacy. I wasn’t jealous, but just acknowledged that it would be hard for her to talk to him with me around. At this stage I was already in love with Erica, but still wasn’t sure if she was ever going to break up with him. She said she wanted to, and at one point tried, but it didn’t take. He wouldn’t accept her breakup and so they were caught in this limbo of which neither I, nor she, knew what to make of.

One saturday I received a call from Paul much to my surprise. He tried to call Erica, and she didn’t pick up on that occasion. Later on in the day I received a call from a blocked number and to my astonishment it turned out to be Paul! He couldn’t get in touch with Erica, and so called Jon. Jon for god knows what reason decided to give him my number and suggest he call me, knowing full well that all hell is going to break loose.

Paul asked me if I knew where Erica was and I said I didn’t (Erica was right next to me), and so he started to quiz me about my relationship with Erica. I told him that we were just friends and that there was nothing going on between us. He started asking about what I knew about Erica and what was going on with him. Did she love him, was she breaking up with him for me, etc etc. I told him that for those answers he’ll have to speak to Erica. I kept deflecting his questions the best I could and repeating that I’m not in a position to say anything, but that he has to speak to Erica. He said he would if she would answer his calls and I told him that if he kept trying, she would. She’s probably just busy or something.

He then asked me if I had slept with Erica and I am ashamed to say that I lied to him. I had to. He asked me if we had done anything by the time he had come to Sydney to visit and met me for the first time and I said no. Those are the only two straight answers I gave him. Everything else was grey and referred back to Erica. I didn’t want to say anything that would incriminate her or counter whatever she may say to him. I told him that if I speak to Erica I’ll get her to call him. After hanging up, I proceeded to call Jon ten types of fucking idiot and swear that I was going to shove a bag of peanuts up his ass and throw him into a herd of starving elephants.

Anyway, speaking of love, it reminds me of when I first told Erica I loved her. It was about a month of her staying over at my place. We had just finished having sex and were cuddling in bed when for no reason I just whispered “I love you”. The moment those words escaped my lips I just froze up! I didn’t plan on saying it, I didn’t want to say it, it just came out! I don’t even know where it came from! Those words just fell out of my mouth and I scrambled to take them back! I wasn’t ready to say it!!! The timing was not right, I had said to myself that I would never say those words until she had finally broken up with Paul for good!

I sat bolt upright and quickly told her to pretend she didn’t hear it. I told her to not say anything right now, in fact, not to say anything for a long while. I told her I do not want to her her say ANYTHING in response and that I’m officially taking back those words I had just said! I was so embarrassed that I just wanted to bolt out the door! I think Erica was somewhat shocked as well! I put my hand over her mouth and kept stressing that I don’t want her to say anything back, nothing at all. I know full well the pressure those words put a person under to feel that they have to say them back. I did not ever want to hear those words uttered from Erica just because she thought I was expecting to hear them back. If I ever were to hear them from her, I wanted them to be from the heart. Spoken truly, purely, and communicated with no sense of doubt.

Sigh….. For the next few days I kept kicking myself over and over again, thinking about how stupid and careless I was. I feared that Erica would now get scared off and just go running. I wasn’t sure what to do and just continued to pretend that nothing happened. Thankfully, so did she. Until it fucking happened again.

A few weeks later we were doing it again and it was tender, slow, and emotional. It was like making love except that I wasn’t sure if she loved me or not, in fact I thought she probably didn’t. I was on top, she on the bottom, and I was moving in rhythm whilst looking at her, thinking about how wonderful she was. And suddenly, out of nowhere, for no reason, my mouth just went “I love you” again!!!. Now, like the time before, I froze up! I just stopped and started to panic again!!! I was on the verge of trying to retract that statement (in fact I think I had already begun) when Erica took my face in her hands, and told me she loved me too.

I was afraid that she was saying it purely because she felt obliged to, that I didn’t want her to say it, even if it meant never hearing it, unless she truly meant those words. She told me that she knew she loved me even from the time when I had first said it, but didn’t want to rush it and that I had also retracted my words and stopped her from saying anything in return. But now she felt that it was right and wanted me to know that she loved me too and just how much. It was an amazing feeling that made my heart just burst with joy. There was still an element of self-doubt of course that she may have just uttered those words out of obligation or turn, but I knew that was not the case. I knew she meant it. We continued our love making and it was beautiful, there may even have been tears…. Those words had taken what we had, whatever strange type of relationship it was, to a whole new level.

Anyway, I remember for Valentines day I had decided to send her flowers early on the 10th of February. It was a Friday and V day was actually on the Tuesday following. I figured that everyone would be sending flowers to their respective partners on the day, so to be a little different, and to beat everyone in the office, I would send her flowers on the Friday! I wanted her to be the first girl in the office to receive V day flowers! Plus I suspected that given their relationship was falling apart, Paul would also try to send her flowers this year even though Erica said he hadn’t sent her flowers before. So additionally part of my ploy was also to beat him to the punch :) All week I was so excited about her receiving the flowers that I just couldn’t wait for the day to arrive. Silly I know….

But I was right. Valentines Day arrived and flowers arrived from P. It caused quite a stir in the office because this gave away the fact that Erica had two guys that were obviously pining for her :) Scandalous…. People started asking her all sorts of questions after this!

Now in March we decided to take a trip down to Melbourne to pick up some stuff from her old apartment. It would also give me a chance to meet her sister Emily. Under no circumstance did she want Paul to find out about our trip down. He would definitely want to meet with her and that would make things harder for the both of them than they already were. Paul and Emily were friends, and he told her he’s been quite unhappy with the way things were going and the fact that Erica had tried to break up with him. He’s met me once, and didn’t trust me because he sensed that there may have been something going on between us. But beyond suspicions, he didn’t know anything about my relationship with Erica. He thinks that Erica is breaking up with him because it just wasn’t working out, which is true. Erica had already considered breaking up with him even before we started.

Unfortunately, what we didn’t know, is that Paul had been in contact with Hairul and Jon behind Erica’s back. He’s been digging and trying to find out more about Erica, and also about me. Now it wouldn’t really surprise me if I had learnt that they were both trying to sabotage me, which they were, but I couldn’t imagine them doing anything because there’s nothing they could say without also implicating Erica. Erica has been nothing but good to them and as such I didn’t think they would sabotage her. I was wrong.

Erica had previously told them when we decided to go to Melbourne specifically NOT to mention anything about this to Paul. So it was a bit of a surprise to her that on the day before we were supposed to leave for Melbourne, she got a call from Paul saying he’s so excited that she’s coming to Melbourne and asking why she didn’t tell him? Arghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Now I rarely ever get the chance to see Erica angry as she is probably THE most patient, kind, and understanding person I know. Mildly upset, frustrated, and distressed yes. But never angry, or in this case… Livid!! We found out that Jon had told Paul that Erica was going to Melbourne (thankfully he didn’t mention me). I think it was at this point I sent a pretty nasty SMS to Jon telling them that if he wants to screw me over then fine, but to knowingly screw over Erica in the process is completely unacceptable. Erica called Jon to ask why he did it, and all she got in return was excuses and apologies.

Erica was so worried about the situation that we considered calling off the trip. Eventually we decided to forge ahead with it and off we drove, hoping that at some point in the 10 hour drive ahead of us, we’d figure out a way to avoid Paul. We didn’t.