And so here we are at long last, the final chapter in this sordid and long winded tale of life, love, and perseverance. From where my somewhat rushed Chapter 9 ended, we’ve now almost come full circle to where this blog started and that was with the documentation of the proposal. About my reasons of how I came to the conclusion that Erica was the one for me for time eternal. A few months after the events of Chapter 9 we moved in together, and 2 weeks after that, I proposed.

After much procrastination over a period which seemed like an eternity, I’m glad to finally be able to close off “The Story of Us”. Some parts have been an absolute joy and pleasure to write, and others a chore. Some I relished elaborating and dragging out whilst others I just wanted to speed through. So this final post is to wrap up all the loose ends and for us to see what happened to all the characters involved in the living pantomime that was my life.

G, Ms Lingerie herself, ended up moving back to SG to be with her partner IG. The last time I had ever spoken to her was that fateful night. She ended up confessing to I about sleeping with me (or so I heard), and they remained together. She’s since moved back to Sydney and I don’t know if she and her partner are still together.

Chiu, Ming’s gf, and the first girl of the group I slept with, moved out from the house that she shared with him. Now that she’s not on a de facto spousal visa anymore, there were no more complications about her breaking up and moving out. She’s now seeing someone else and thankfully seems to be quite happy. I miss Chiu for she was truly a good friend. Out of the entire group, she’s the only one I miss. Since the episode happened she’s sent me a couple of messages on Facebook/Friendster informing me of certain events in her life, and wishing me congratulations on the engagement.

However when I replied to her each time, I didn’t receive any response. After 3 or 4 such messages I asked her why she was bothering to let me know about her life when she didn’t want to respond to any of my messages. She said she realised that it was just too hard and just couldn’t do it anymore. I was sad and appreciated her telling me the truth, and I haven’t had any contact with her since. I understood her problems coping with the situation as I know of her family history which involves coming from a broken home, much mental and emotional abuse at the hands of her father, and how much baggage she’s been carrying through to this day. I truly wish her all the best in life and hope that she finds happiness. I told her in my last message that I’ll always be there for her if she ever needed me and I meant it. I hope she understands that.

Ming, Chiu’s bf, I don’t know much about now. Apparently he had a big falling out with Hairul and I think Jon too. There was a bit of drama surrounding the whole situation. Apparently there was a girl, Daphne, whom Ming had been friends with for many many years. She was an old friend of his from his home town. He liked her a lot (it was obvious to me regardless of what he told anyone) and had for many years.

When he first introduced her to the group many months ago, he hinted that Hairul should get together with her. Hairul said he wasn’t interested. When I heard about it I found it odd that Ming did this because it was quite obvious to me that he liked her. I first met Daphne on December 30th 2005, the day before everything happened. I met her in the company of Ming and Hairul. H said to me she was not her type and he was not interested in her at all.

Now what happened during the period where Erica and I were staying at my parents place was this. Hairul, Jon, and Ming all ended up competing for Daphne. Hairul pretended he didn’t like her, telling Jon to go ahead and go for her. Ming got jealous, and apparently tried to sabotage Jon by badmouthing him to Daphne. Time soon revealed that Daphne liked Hairul and that Hairul also liked Daphne even though he pretended that he didn’t. And so Jon and Ming both started badmouthing Hairul to Daphne… whew!!

Sound like Melrose Place so far? Jon realised that he didn’t have a chance with Daphne, and was very pissed off with Hairul for lying about not liking Daphne and spending so much time with her. He eventually ended up dating Daphone’s best friend. And so now Ming and Jon were trying to tarnish Hairul’s reputation to Daphne through her best friend.

Hairul and Daphne eventually become a couple and currently live together. Jon broke up with Daphne’s best friend and is now engaged to someone else. Ming…. I have no idea where he is now.

When Erica told Hairul and Jon that she was moving out of their place and moving in with me, there were plenty of games going on. When talking about money and splitting communal items, Hairul would lie about Jon saying something, J would lie about Hairul saying something, Erica wouldn’t know whom was telling the truth. They tried to play Erica off against the other and in the end she was just glad to get out of there.

Jon is trying now to rebuild his friendship with me and I appreciate what he’s trying to do. He’s apologised for all his mistakes and I have to admit it did take me a while to let go of the resentment I felt at getting betrayed by him. Things will never be the same, but I know his heart was in the right place, he was just easily manipulated by Hairul. I wish him all the best in his upcoming marriage.

Hairul, whom is living with Daphine, I’ve met him once since the whole affair at a mutual friends farewell dinner and he just tried to pretend that nothing had happened and everything was okay. He still owes myself and Erica money but I’ve just written that off. I have no care for the man and I honestly think that the world will be best off without cruel, conniving, deceitful and manipulative people like him. Raging hypocrits whose sole purpose in life is to gain as much for himself as possible at the expense of all around him. If what goes around comes around, and karma is a real thing, he’s gonna get fucked big time. And given the fact that he’s only 28 and had just discovered black spots on his lungs a year back, it probably won’t be too far off.

The group has absolutely imploded upon itself since Erica and I went our own way and I have to admit it makes me smile a little. Now each member has gone their own separate ways and the friendship that once bound them all together has well and truly evaporated.

Which leaves us with the last 2 remaining members. And that would be Erica and myself. Two separate people whom grew up in Singapore in same mirrored apartments in the same little estate of Pandan Valley at the same time. Whom probably met without knowing. Two separate people whom both moved to Melbourne and stayed literally a 30 second walk from each other in Southbank at the same time. Whom used to frequent all the same places and more than likely bumped shoulders more than once without knowing.

Two separate people whom moved back to Sydney and met under the same roof and at the same time…. The first time I saw her was when I was half asleep on the couch at Hairul’s and she walked in through the door. Her face was in darkness with the light shining from behind her. This was the moment. The moment that unbeknownst to me would change my life. The moment that I’ll be telling my kids in many many years when they ask about the story of us. This was the moment… when I met my wife.

I don’t believe in fate and I don’t believe in destiny. I don’t believe in cosmic intervention and I don’t believe in a written future. But I have to admit, it’s one pretty damn big coincidence :)

Perhaps everything was meant to happen for a reason. Looking back, should a couple of different things have changed, our whole future may have changed. If Erica had broken up with Paul before I met her, she wouldn’t have leaned on me for support, advice and bared her soul to me as she did, bringing us closer together than any of the others. If Paul didn’t come up for a visit, I may not have realised how painful it was to be so close to her yet…. so distant.

If it wasn’t for the fact that I slept with G and discussed with her about what happened, I may never have known her true feelings for me. Erica didn’t think I was interested in her and I didn’t think her interested in me. I was ready to pursue other people because I didn’t think that she would break up with Paul and even if she did, she wouldn’t be interested in a relationship with me. Only because of the fallout of the whole G situation were Erica and I forced to confess our feelings for each other. And the moment I realised she had feelings for me, it spurred to me to prove myself to her.

If Hairul and Jon didn’t hate me, I wouldn’t have had nearly as much time together with Erica as we would mostly have spent our life together as a group. She wouldn’t have stayed over at my parents place at all, and our relationship wouldn’t have evolved as quickly as it did.

Through those times, I’ve also learnt much about myself, both about my own strengths as well as my own weaknesses. And I certainly hope Erica has too. I regret the hurt that we have caused others because of our actions and I just want to apologise to them. There are no excuses to be made for myself to the injured parties involved and I can only tell them how sorry I truly am.

But beyond that, looking at at where I’m standing now, right on top of the world with the woman of my dreams beside me. I’m glad that I was weak enough to do all that I did, or fail to do that of which I probably should have, because standing hand in hand with Erica right here and now, I wouldn’t risk this for anything else.

Besides… apart from being one heck of a journey culminating in a joyous marriage, there’s one more reason why I wouldn’t have changed a thing. And that’s because it sure made for one heck of a story 😉