I’m pretty damn serious! You think I’m not serious? Well I’m pretty fucking serious! Just how fucking serious? Well it’s multigrain bread and chicken breast serious that’s how serious!!!!

The gloves are off fatty!!!! Being the heaviest by a HUGE margin that I’ve ever been in my life, it’s time to get the most serious about dieting than I’ve ever been in my life. Previously, I used to crash diet to great effect. I used to abstain from eating for a few days, and the pounds just melt off. However, that was about 5-7 years ago. My metabolism has changed since then and it just doesn’t work any more…. sadly….

Then admittedly, in the last couple of years I’ve gotten a bit silly and just eaten various soups or instant noodles instead of meals for dinner with minimal though for fat content. I try to give myself the concession of fats since I pushed away carbs. Lol… I remember my “baked instant noodle diet”…. man that was fun. I love instant noodles…

Anyhoo…. for the first time ever! I’m actually venturing out into the territory of doing things I don’t like. Yesterday, I bought multigrain bread, something I generally hate! And I made chicken noodle soup for dinner, but used just chicken carcasses and chicken breast!!! Argh!!! I NEVER buy chicken breast because it’s the worst part of the chicken!!! And eating the fats and skin is the best part of the chicken! In all my years on this planet, I’ve never EVER even contemplated the horrific notion of giving up skin!!!

But desperate times call for desperate measures. I went to bed starving which is always a good sign. But then again… it was 3am because we’ve both been up late playing Warhammer Online. And even if I’ve had a buffet to end all buffets for dinner, I’d probably be starving again at 3am anyway.

I think, with some time, I can get used to eating things that nutritionists actually recommend. But… I don’t ever think I’ll be able to sleep early, especially since we’re not working right now in preparation for our move back. So for the next month, it’s water, more water, bananas, multigrain, and fat free protein (FUCK!).

And when I arrive in SG I’m going to endeavor to start swimming every day. Screw running, I hate aimless running, it’s just the most boring thing to do ever. I love playing sports, but just can’t run for the sake of it because the boredom is so…. there…. and really admire those whom can.

So hungry….. sigh…. well… hopefully it’ll all be worth it when I finally get my abs back… it’s been a while since I’ve seen them….