And it’s time for one last ditched fling before all the fun and games are over, and the real settling in process begins and the job hunting gets serious. In the morning we’re off to Hong Kong, Macau, Sanya, and a few little outlaying cities in China. It’s a family vacation as I’m just along for the ride, being the +1 thanks to this thing called a marriage certificate.

Hong Kong I can just take it or leave it, given that it’s like a shopping Mecca and a) I’m not interested in shopping and b) I have no money to shop with anyway. All I want is my beef brisket noodles! What I am looking forward to is checking out Macau which is the poor mans version of Vegas. Seeing as I’ve never been to Vegas, this will do just fine. Then we’ll be spending a few days in a resort on the island of Sanya in Hainan, or something like that just to chill and relax, and finally we’re off to the mainland to visit Erica’s father’s home town or village. No idea where that is as I’m just along for the ride!

So yeah… this should be fun…. hopefully. One can never tell with family vacations!!! 😛 Fingers crossed that good food will be a plenty, great fun even more plenty, and patience/tolerance levels the most abundant of them all!!!