We arrived in Hong Kong fairly early which allowed us to really spend the entire day doing whatever it is that we wanted to do… which personally for me ended up to be nothing at all that I wanted to do! We checked straight into the Excelsior Hotel which is at Causeway Bay. The location of the Hotel is fantastic with it being smack in the middle of a busy shopping district. It has basically everything a normal human being (I speak from a guys point of view) could want right at their door stop. But this apparently isn’t enough for the lady folk whom seem to enjoying travelling all over the island looking at varying shops that all look the same, or different branches of shops which are all the same! *shrugs*

For me I don’t think I’d ever even have to consider leaving the Causeway Bay area to do any shopping at all given that there are just so many shops here! Well okay fine, I may have to leave to find technology stores since there weren’t many in this area but they basically had everything else 😛

The Excelsior

Room sharing with the MIL

The smoggy view

Given that it was just the 3 of us, we ended up sharing a room with the mother in law. Although it wasn’t the most ideal of situations for me, it was the most practical. I guess it’s only for 2 nights after all and it’s always good to have some company. I mean, I wouldn’t want to have a room all to myself with no company and no laptop 😛 I insisted on taking the rollout bed even though the MIL kept saying that she’ll take it so Erica and I can sleep together.

Apart from the fact that out of respect I wouldn’t have it any other way, I’m sure deep within that scenario was probably a test!!! Oh as tempting as that offer was I wasn’t going to fall for it :) And so I got to enjoy all the comforts of a cramped cot with a scratchy blanky instead of the comfy king bed with the nice quilt, and no holiday marital relations for 2 nights. *twitch*

Once we got settled, we headed out to grab some lunch just locally. I requested Beef Brisket Noodles and so we rocked up at the first available place we saw. Like many of the little Beef Brisket holes in the wall, the menus were sorely lacking any english whatsoever. Not that it really mattered on the this occasion where I already knew what I wanted, as well as having two translators to do my dirty work for me, but it really bugs me when I don’t know what I want and there’s no english menu. Now that really sucks!

Sorreh, no engrish for you….

Deep Fried Fish Skin

I tried the deep fried fish skisn for the first time which is something I’ve never had before, not in this fashion anywhere. It’s something that Erica always eats when she’s here and I have to say…. I’m now a big fan!!! It’s basically fish skin that’s been salted and deep fried, or vice versa, and is all delightfully crispy and stuff. It gets served with a bowl of plain soup or broth and you dip the skin in there to both heat it up and wash off the salt. The resulting thing that enters your mouth is this wonderfully warm, crispy, and tasty thing that’s also still a little juicy from the broth that it’s soaked up!

This has now made the compulsory list of HK eating! However, Emily tells me that the sell the same deep fried fish skin pre-packed at some stores in Singapore so you can basically make it yourself at home. Win! I also ordered the Won Ton and chinese ham. The latter more out of curiousity than anything else because I had no idea what chinese ham was, I just assumed it was luncheon meat. Wrong! It was this black speckled white thing that reminded me of the meaty equivalent of a dragon fruit. Not a huge fan….

And of course, my Beef Brisket Noodles, or Ngao Lam Mein as the local name is. It was a little different from how I’ve had it previously with a thick sauce dolloped on it instead of the usual thin beef broth gravy, but nonetheless it was still pretty tasty. I love the chilli sauce that goes with it and the dish to me is nothing without the chilli.

Won Tons and Chinese Ham

Dry Beef Brisket Noodles

Asian Porn!

With our bellies full, it was now time for the women to indulge in an activity that regularly tortures my existence. And that is shopping. Now aimless wondering around fashion and jewellry stores is painful for me at the best of times, but couple that with the dense and compact crowds of Hong Kong, and you have a cruel and unusual method of pain infliction that is now magnified to the nth degree. They went to the Sogo store and each step for me to follow them equated to another thread of my patience dying a thousand shrieking deaths.

It was just sooo insanely packed and not just that, I had no idea what was going on. I couldn’t understand their foreign chatter and just aimlessly traced their footsteps around the various stores. Oh, and I’ve also come to realise another reason of why men find shopping far more tiring than women. I never realised it until this trip.

I think a big reason is that women are always walking around looking at things, browsing racks, and trying on items. They are always on the move. The men whom accompany them generally tend to spend much of their time just waiting for them to do their thing. I notice that my feet don’t ache when I walk, they only do so when I stand still and it’s always on the heels. I’m guessing that walking or moving displaces more of your body’s weight or downforce into forward momentum or kinetic energy and so you don’t have your entire mass just sitting as a straight downward force on your feet.

Of course, I flunked physics in spectacular fashion in High School so I could be way off base but it seems to make sense to me. My feet ache like holy hell after a day of shopping with the girls and it’s always on the same point and that’s my heels. I’m guessing that reason is because I’m always standing around.

Sogo at Causeway Bay

Pretty naff Santarina outfit…

Thomas Sabo. Where I pulled the eject lever…

I didn’t have much input into what Erica was looking at with her mum as because when they go on family trips, Erica’s parents will basically pay for everything she wants and so with her ATM/mother there, her input is far more important and consulted that mind. And this is probably about where this particular post would start to make sense now. After about 10 mins standing around like a hood ornament at the Thomas Sabo counter whilst Erica and her mum shopped for a pressie for her cousin, the last of my patience combusted and I told Erica that I’ll just see her back in the hotel room.

It’s always such a relief to get away from the shopping madness and bustling crowds, to retreat back to the solitude and solace of whatever haven you have setup for yourself. So I ranted on my blog, had a nice little nap, and woke up when the others got back. Everyone was a bit too tired to head out to dinner so room service was the order of the day. We got the usual suspects which was a Club Sandwich plus another. The another in this case was a Salmon Naan Pizza which wasn’t too bad.

Club Sandwich

Salmon Pizza with a Naan base

And so ended the first day of our holiday. My last thought when I went to sleep was probably hoping the next day would bring better entertainment…. BZZZZ. Wrong!