Tian Tian Chicken Rice
My Dieting Summer Fling
Scales will not be nice

Argh…. I blame the in-laws for stopping at Maxwell for lunch on the way to Sim Lim…. Pffft… Tian Tian. So not worth the 15min wait. Good but not super. Chilli is very nice but I prefer my mums homemade…. it trumps all. Poor Erica… watching us all gorge ourselves whilst she just looks on with emptiness in front of her….

It’s so damn hard to diet here when the in-laws are always shoving food in my face and I don’t want to seem rude by not eating it. Grrrr…. Erica can tell them no but I can’t, it just seems like I dunno… a little bit on the rude side since they’ve made the effort to buy food for me. Even though I’ve told them many times not to. Sigh…