Well it’s been well over a year since I last blogged. Don’t get me wrong, god knows I’ve wanted to, but it’s been a very long 2011 with full time work, part time study, and a pregnant wife all sucking away what little free time I’ve had. There has been many anecdotes gone untold, whinges gone unranted, high horses unridden, and all manner of general inappropriateness unshared.

Since then, I’ve become a new father (as of 2.5 weeks ago), and quit my job while converting to full time study so as to focus on raising our wonderful baby girl Karissa over the 1st year of her life. My short experience with fatherhood so far has been one that is simply beyond words. However, given how fast she’s grown even in these 2 short weeks, I intend to redouble my efforts to post and document her growth so that I’ll never forget these amazing but yet still fleeting moments that will be like a breath in the wind.

Erica and I have decided to post under the same blog as we’re largely going to be posting the same things. So at least this way she’ll be able to edit my posts with her thoughts, and I’ll be able to ninja insert naked boobs in hers. Hopefully between us we’ll be able to better capture our daughter’s journey from infancy to adulthood. And along the way, hopefully I’ll be able to get back into my generally¬†inappropriate¬†posting stride.

This blog will hopefully be finalised over the coming eternity. This wordpress layout is just a temporary setup to get our stuff off LJ as quickly as possible because they suck (sadly I couldn’t import all the comments from LJ). We’re also in the process of sorting and categorising all historical posts from LJ so the blog map heirarchy right now is mostly mine and a mess. I’m also sure Erica won’t want pedobear as a blog header so I can’t imagine that staying for long.

If there’s one thing that parenthood has taught me, is that it’s the greatest team event there ever was. While it’s possible to get away as a union of 2 autonomous individuals in marriage, if you were so inclined, there is no room for this with a baby. For all parties to be happy, the unit really needs to be a well oiled, communicating and selfless machine. Everyone has to not just pull their weight, but know why they have to do so. They have to each want to do the dirtiest task possible, for no other reason than so the one they love doesn’t have to do it. They need to trust each other implicitly with no second guessing, because both parties have exactly the same stakes in this venture. The same to gain, but more importantly, the same to lose. They have to truly be a team.

So here we are… the first chapter of a new era. The players have been picked, it’s time for kick off and the whistle has just blown. Lets do it! Team Merrica, FUCK YEAH!