Given that we’re currently in the unfortunate, or fortunate (depends on which way you look at it really), position of having to live with Erica’s parents a cumulative 6 months out of every year, setting up a nursery for the baby proved to be more a challenge in concept than anything else. Ideally, I would rather have the baby sleeping in a separate room from us. Not only would this give her moreĀ independence, but also us more privacy and control over the way we would like to condition her. Again, there are pro’s and con’s to the whole stay with you/away from you approach. While the house has a spare room we could have converted into a nursery, this would expose her to complete freedom of access to everyone else in the house.

And you guessed it, no fucking way was I gonna let that happen. Me being the shotgun bearing anal retentive gatekeeper of all things Karissa, there is no way in hell I was going to leave her in a room unsupervised by herself, knowing for certain that she would be disturbed at every waking moment by someone in the house whether it be my MIL, FIL, any guests, or the helper. However, the only conceivable alternative to this would be to migrate my other precious baby out of the bedroom, and that would be my darling desktop PC. Dammit… why do I have to make such choices!!! Long story short, the baby won.


If the next one is a boy, there will be much work to be undone!

The spaghetti bowl of comms gear in the computer room. Now we have to add more hubs, UPS's and PCs to that mess!

We decided to convert the spare room which is currently being used for both storage and our communications hub to our computer room, and the computer area in our room into the nursery. While not ideal, this would at least allow us to have total supervision over the bub with any uninvited guests having to cross the gauntlet of our bedroom before they can enter the nursery. And I intent to fill that buffer with anti-personnel mines, bear traps and child soldiers. Our bedroom door incidentally has a lock, but I won’t go into that right now because we’d all be here all day. I’ll save that for another mammoth rant post of it’s own.

It may not sound like a big deal to most, but for me, it’s hard to let go of my PC. Since I was a about 16, the nerd in me has had the luxury of enjoying a PC in my bedroom everyday since. And not just that, I never turn off my PCs. They run 24/7 like they were powering a life support system somewhere. So much so that I actually have trouble sleeping in a silent room without the hum of a CPU fan to lull me to sleep. It’s bizarre I know. But it’s a choice of either box or bub and the latter won. We’ll have the unfortunate pleasure of hearing Karissa scream, and she’ll have the unfortunate pleasure of hearing Erica scream (heh heh heh…).

We only started setting up the nursery a couple of weeks before Karissa came along. A big part of this was attributed to the stuperstitious nature of the in-laws. Apparently, it’s bad luck or something to do any renovation while the baby is in utero. No drilling, no moving furniture, and god only knows what else. These superstitions were also echoed by my peers at work. Apparently Chinese believe that there is a high correlation between drilling and heart problems, or moving a table and the baby being born with two assholes or something. Either way, they said that we “had” to wait until the baby was born before we could even begin to setup the nursery. “Fuck that” I said… privately.

And so the moment they left to head back to New Zealand, I got started on the nursery. By this time Erica was pretty heavily pregnant so it was a solo effort to get it all set up. We migrated the PC’s out, picked out some sweet curtains and baby furnishings to divide the internal bedroom space, and set about getting the crib in order.

It was actually a last minute decision for me to go for the cloud ceiling. I walked in, looked up, and thought wouldn’t it awesome for the baby to see the sky. And so I looked only for ceiling wallpapers that would do the job. Couldn’t find any I was happy with, and thought about just painting it sky blue. And from there, graduated to deciding to paint the whole sky mural with clouds. It mean, c’mon it’s clouds. How hard could it be right? I could probably clusterfuck the whole ceiling and no one would be able to tell the difference.

The DIY cloud mural

And so I picked out some nice sky blue paint, white paint, and a glaze to mix with the white to give that ethereal kinda cloud look. The whole thing was a pretty messy endeavour, with 3 coats of blue paint and then the clouds. I tried to measure the paint and glaze proportions for the clouds as per what I read online, but it didn’t turn out. And so just crash mixed it all up to taste in random proportions and thankfully, it worked.

Crib complete!

So yeah, for someone who’s artistically retarded, I’m pretty happy with the outcome! Erica had also ordered some pretty sweet wall decals of birds, butterflies and animals, which was an awesome idea for decorating the room. I would have gone with the non-pastel set personally, but well… girls and pastel prints. Nuff’ said. Erica didn’t have too much of an opinion as to what goes where, so left it up to me to go hurling decals randomly at the wall. Not too shabby!

The interior

All in all, we’re both pretty proud of the little nursery. Sure it’s tiny and you don’t really have much space to manoeuvre, but there was a whole lotta love and passion that went into making that room just perfect for our little Princess. We just hope she realises when she grows up!