I can’t believe that Baby K is already over 6 weeks old! Where did all the time go? I really need to start writing about how much she has grown so far. In the meantime, I thought I’d put up some of the other photos taken at the hospital. Speaking of the hospital, we definitely recommend Raffles Hospital. The standard of care we got was excellent which made for a very pleasant stay.


My first Mother’s Day flowers from the hubby :)


Becks and Chris popped by for a visit


Totally smitten with his baby girl


This sight made my heart melt


Taiwanese chicken chop, sweet potato fries and Koi hazelnut milk tea for dinner. The hubby makes the best confinement nanny :p


Our little milk monster


Poor baby had to be put on the photo therapy bed for her jaundice. It was heartbreaking seeing her lying there wailing away