My earlier attempts to prepare for tomorrow’s exam didn’t quite go as planned. The little one has been proving herself to be quite the fussy pot these past few days. Not exactly sure why, but I assume it’s related to her increase in awareness and general cognitive development. Or just a growth spurt, whatever the case may be.

Anyway, K proved herself to be quite the distraction, constantly wanted to be carried and just seeming to be more sensitive than usual. The end result? This. Placating her on my lap whilst I tried to do some last minute cramming. Unlike most distractions, this was an adorable one that made me incredibly thankful that I actually paid attention to all my lectures throughout the semester.

What a difference full time study is to part-time. Last year, I was so exhausted after work that I kept falling asleep in class. End result, not remembering a thing and having to cram massively for exams. Now, I’m confident I’m able to cruise through the exams with minimal preparation as I could actually retain stuff I learnt in class!

Looking at this little peanut in my lap, I’m so glad for it as I think I just ended up happily giving her my attention for 90% of my study time.

My earlier attempt at preparing for tomorrow's exam...