You turned 2 months yesterday my beautiful baby girl! Have I already been a mother for 2 months? Sometimes I still stare at you and can’t quite believe that you are mine. You have been an easy baby from day 1 and have not really given your daddy and mummy any problems thus far. For that, we are very thankful. In fact the first 2 weeks home with you were a breeze (except for the first night but I’ll get to that in a bit). All you did was sleep, feed, pee/poo. If you cried, it was either because you were hungry or you needed a diaper change. Once you have been fed and changed, you would fall back asleep again.

The first night after we came home from the hospital was probably the roughest night. But that wasn’t your fault. You were not used to your new cot and would cry whenever we put you down in it. We were also unable to swaddle you properly in your bamboo swaddle cloth so you kept fighting free of it. In the end I had to sleep upright on the couch the whole night holding you on a pillow next to me. After getting barely any sleep, I sent your daddy to Motherworks the next day to pick up some new swaddles. In addition to those, he came home with something called the Cocoonababy. Initially I scolded your daddy for spending so much money on a baby bed that you would only be able to use for a few months. However I changed my tune after you fell asleep right away when I put you inside it that night. Ever since then you have been a really good sleeper. By the time you were 2 weeks old you were sleeping for 4 – 4.5 hours in between your feeds at night. This slowly increased and now you are doing 7 – 8 hours. In fact last night you went for 10 hours before waking up for your feed! This means that we don’t have to wake up in the middle of the night to feed you anymore and have been getting more than enough sleep. I’m not sure if the Cocoonababy helped but I definitely think it was money well spent now since you took to it right away and still enjoy sleeping in it every night. You are also very good at falling asleep on your own and somehow seem to know that being in a swaddle with the lights out and sound of waves crashing means bedtime. Sometimes it will take you a while to fall asleep but you are content to just lie there in the dark by yourself. Your daddy and I will peep at you on the baby monitor and smile to see you with your eyes still wide open.


Looking adorable in your swaddle


Although you are a very good sleeper at night, you don’t seem to want to sleep much during the day now however. You have become quite a curious lil bub and love turning your head around to stare at your environment. In fact last night you were quite the little fussy pot and would cry whenever we put you down. Initially we thought it was because you wanted to be carried because you would stop once we picked you up. Then we realized you wanted to be picked up so that you could look around. You have also started to track movement as well as notice colours other than black/white/red and now stare at the colourful toys on your mobile and rocker. Your favourite thing to stare at is still the big black IP camera on your cot though. In the past few weeks you have started to make little cooing noises which mummy and daddy think is the cutest sound ever! You mostly do it while staring at the toys and IP camera but sometimes you do it too when you are just lying down and feeling happy and content.


Staring at the IP camera


When you were 2 weeks old, you could already lift up your head for a good few seconds each time while on your tummy. Since then your lil neck has been growing stronger and stronger. Hopefully we will be able to carry you without having to support your head much very soon.

Both sets of grandparents and your great grandparents all adore you. But I think your favourite person in the world is still your daddy. He was the first person who saw you give a real smile and even till now you save most of your biggest smiles and giggles for him. I have to admit I am a teeny bit jealous but it also fills me with joy to see how much your daddy adores you and takes such good care of you.


With daddy


Your daddy is also the one who baths you everyday. I remember the first time he bathed you at home it was awful! He was so clumsy and you were crying throughout. But he got better at it and oh how you love bath time now! It doesn’t matter whether you are in your bath tub or on your bath chair, you always have such a happy and contented look when getting a bath. You also adore the post bath massage that daddy gives you. However you do hate having your face cleaned and will always cry when we are doing it.


Enjoying your bath

Waiting for your post bath massage


You bestowed daddy with your first social smile at about 5 weeks old while having a bath. Since then you have been smiling more and more and started to give little gurgles when you are happy. Just seeing one tiny smile from you is enough to brighten up our day even when we are all tired from looking after you.


Big smiles while playing peekaboo with your Aunt Paulene


Mummy and daddy have brought you out with many times since you were 1 week old. Sometimes just to run errands and other times to meet up with friends. Each time you were perfectly behaved and spent 90% of the time sleeping (other 10% of the time you woke up to feed). You took to both of your strollers right away and can sleep hours in them. You also seem to love sleeping in your car seat and fall asleep almost right away once you are in it which means we haven’t had to drive with a crying, screaming baby in the car yet. Let’s hope that this will continue.


Fast asleep in your stroller as usual


If there is one thing that we complain about, it’s that you are such a princess when it comes to having your diaper changed. You can’t stand it when your diaper is even the slightest bit wet and will always fuss and cry until we change it. This means that we pretty much have to change your diaper every single time you pee and we go through more than 10 diapers a day. Sigh. Thankfully you do sleep through wet diapers when asleep at night so we haven’t had to wake up in the middle of the night just to change your diaper.

Sweetheart, you are only 2 months old but have already brought so much happiness and joy to our lives. We can’t wait to see what progress you will make this month. Just don’t grow up too fast ok.


Getting your first passport photo taken at 2 months old


Merrill’s Edit:

There’s not much for me to say that Erica hasn’t already said, except that it’s been an incredible journey so far to watch Karissa grow and develop over the last two months. With every day that passes I feel so incredibly thankful that I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to take this precious year off work so as for me to raise her (and study) full time. Being able to bear witness to all her developmental and behavioural changes during this time has been incredible, and my heart aches at the mere thought of missing these precious first moments should I still have been working.

Karissa has been so wonderful as a baby and while there has been moments where we have been frustrated with her, these moments have been infinitely surpassed by all the times she has made our hearts melt. It’s astounding to look back upon her earlier photos and see just how much she has physically changed since her birth, something of which we do not immediately notice from staring at her day after day. Coupled with just how far she’s come behaviourally, it really hits home just how short the passage of time really is and that if you don’t savour these moments and relish the journey itself as the most wonderful adventure there is, you’ll look back with wistful regret and wish you could once again immerse yourself in this short period.

It’s so easy for Erica and I, as parents, to think about all that we’ve done wrong, or that we could have done better, for that is the benefit of 20/20 hindsight. What we have to continually force ourselves to focus on are all the things that we have done right. And at this two month juncture, I’d like to think that our parental GPA is sitting quite highly.

If I had to highlight just one of the things that I’ve learnt from being a dad during this two month journey, it would definitely be just how powerful the smile of a baby is. Just seeing our little xiao long bao smile or laugh is enough to truly remove all my worries in the world for that one precious moment. Where all I want is to just preserve that moment and dedicate my life to ensuring no harm, no fear, no suffering, and no worry will ever come to her. Each smile reminds me of what my priorities in life truly are and gives me the renewed focus I need to be the best father I can be.

That being say, the pure joy I feel looking back pales against the sheer excitement I feel looking forward to all the great things to come. To my darling daughter, we love you so so much and can’t wait for each and every tomorrow that we can spend with you.