Happy 3 months sweetheart! I know this update is almost 2 weeks late but you require so much more attention these days that it has been hard to find time to sit down and write.  So what has been up with you?

Nowadays you show a lot of more interest in your toys and started batting at them at 9 weeks. Your favourite toy at the moment is Sophie the giraffe. Your daddy has insisted that we name her Taco instead though because everyone else has a Sophie and it’s boring. So Taco it is. She never fails to bring a smile to your face whenever you see her.


Smiling at Taco


When you were 10 weeks old, daddy and mummy brought you to the baby spa for the first time. Initially you were really sleepy and were falling asleep floating in the tub but after a while you really got into it and started to enjoy it. We also brought you to the pool and while you didn’t protest, you didn’t seem to enjoy it as much as the baby spa. Maybe it was because the neck float that we bought for you were a little too tight. You are definitely a water baby though. You adore bath time and will always kick up a storm in your bath tub.


Loving the baby spa


First time at the pool with your last minute bought too big rashie and hat


Splish splash!

This month you went through another leap and there was a day when it seemed like overnight you became a totally different baby (in a good way of course)! You’ve started smiling to yourself and also just breaking out into smiles mid-feed. It is slightly frustrating when we are trying to get you to drink your milk but it is also so endearing that we cannot help but smile back at you. Your laughs also became louder and oh how mummy and daddy love to hear you laugh! You coo a lot more now too and at times it really seems like you are trying to have a conversation with us.


What’s that furry creature next to me mummy?


Tummy time on daddy


Another thing that never fails to make you smile is seeing your reflection in the mirror. Somehow it really fascinates you to see that chubby lil baby staring back at you. At time you even reach out to touch her. Speaking of touch, you have started to grasp things in your hands although your eye hand coordination still needs a bit of work. Very often, you will lift up your hand (always the left one for some reason) in the air and just stare at it. You also started trying to stuff your fist into your mouth when trying to self soothe and this has since progressed into you discovering and sucking on your thumb.


Is your thumb really that yummy, baby?


Since you were born, you have always been a good sleeper at night. At 2 months you were sleeping for 7-8 hours in between feeds at night and by 3 months you were doing 10-12 hours. Not all babies are able to sleep through the night from such a young age so we are very lucky indeed. We have also managed to push forward your bed time from 12am to 9-10pm which means that daddy and mummy get more time to relax before we go to bed. You still struggle during nap time though. Even when we do manage to put you down for a nap, you tend to wake up after only half an hour or so. You are the happiest in the morning right after you wake up. Every morning, your daddy and I look forward to picking you up from your crib because you will always greet us with big happy smiles on your face the moment you see us.


Morning smiles


Good morning!

Our dear baby girl, mummy and daddy love you so so much and there isn’t a day when we don’t feel lucky and privileged that you are our daughter. Yes, even on days when you are little miss cranky pants like today.


Hello godpa!


Photo for your Aussie passport