Today was my inaugural Daddy-Daughter day and all I can say is… wow. It was my very first time taking the little Bao out alone, just the two of us. It was just a quiet ¬†afternoon down at Orchard so as for me to shop for more books to read to her. I don’t know why, and I just can’t explain it, but those few hours with just the two of us felt like the best time I’ve had in recent memory.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been so incredibly busy over the last few weeks and haven’t been spending as much quality time with her as I would like, but just those few hours alone with her out and about felt so special. Part of this I’m sure was due to the fact that we used the Stokke for the first time in rear facing configuration, where she’s facing us, as opposed to the McLaren that we normally use where she’s facing away.

K’s first ride in the Stokke (excluding when we first used the Pebble seat), and her first time facing us in a stroller

Either way, just being able to spend the afternoon staring at her, watching her stare back and me, laughing at, kissing, playing and hugging her away from home just felt so emotional. I don’t know why, but the dynamics of just the two of us alone feels so different than when her mummy is with us. For me I mean, don’t know about K. I guess maybe it’s the knowledge that my attention is all on her, and hers all on me.

I know it sounds crazy but either way, it just felt like an incredible day and I can’t wait to feel it again, even though being out together with mum and bub as a family is so enjoyable as well. People tell me that the relationship between a father and a daughter is different from that of a mother and daughter. I can’t relate to that as it’s something I haven’t yet been able to see, but maybe…

K testing out a jumparoo at the store. I think she likes it!

Anyway, moving on from the mushy stuff, I finally managed to stock up on a pile of random books to read to K. Finally! I’ve been reading to her the same book day in day out for the last month+. I’m sure she’s as bored of The Tale of Sir Prance-A-Lot as I am, but I’ve just been so busy I haven’t had time to look for more. She absolutely loves that book and her face lights up when I pull it out to read to her.

I had no idea what books to get, so I just picked random ones. Damn, I had no idea that picture books were so darn expensive. I mean, $30+ for a thin picture book? Geez… Anyway, I sure hopes that she likes them. Got some Enid Blyton stories (author of the very first novel I was forced to read, that ended getting me hooked on books), Roald Dahls the ‘BFG’ (the first of his books that I ever read), and other random things.

And I came across the Ladybug Tales series! I totally forgot about them until I saw them! They made up a huge part of my childhood and I read those little books again and again and again and again! Especially the Elves and the Shoemaker! They didn’t have the box set, but I’m definitely gonna try to find it online!

I grew up with these! Gotta get them all!

Just a little overboard with new books for K!

It’s hard to believe I can love something so incredibly much. My daughter is such an amazing girl. My daughter… it’s now 4 months and I still haven’t gotten used to the sound or concept of that. Hard to imagine it changing. She makes me feel so complete in a way that I could never have ever imagined. Thanks for the wonderful day my sweet pumpkin, can’t wait for our day out!

K and her first balloon ever. Courtesy of a random ANZ bank balloon lady…

K completely zonked out after Daddy-Daughter day