I can’t believe I’m struggling with this so much. I used to be able to crash diet for 2 weeks straight without breaking a sweat. Now I’m suffering carb withdrawals like some junkie going cold turkey. What’s wrong with me? Does my metabolism not like me no more? What happened to the days of going a week without eating, then a week just with soup? Why aren’t the pounds just melting off like they did just 2 years ago? I used to be able to drop at least 2kg a week without breaking a sweat! Dagnammit….

Anyway, for soupy meal #3 I made Bak Kut Teh soup. It’s always satisfying as an accompaniment, or eating it with rice or hokkien mee. But on it’s own in the middle of winter? Nuh uh…. Eating soups in the middle of winter just as a main still leaves you feeling empty. I liken it to…. sleeping with a prostitute or beating off over man porn just for something different. It still gets the job done but leaves you feeling strangely empty inside. Not that I’ve ever slept with hoes or watched gay porn mind you. It’s just purely hypothetical. Dammit weekend, hurry up so I can get some soupy reprieve!!!

Bak Kut Teh Soup