A nice easy Saturday was had just taking it easy as we didn’t really have any solid plans. With the weather being an awful 31 degrees, staying home with the A/C on sounded pretty damn preferable to braving the heat. Basically the only thing I wanted to do was try the artery crushing Hungry Jacks Quad Stacker burger. That’s about it!!!

Kicked off the day with a brekkie of strawberry filled crepes. It was my first time ever making crepes and it’s much easier than I thought it would be. For the filling I made a strawberry compote which would have gone well mixed with whipped cream to give it more body but alas, we had none, and so ended up with a rather flattish looking crepe. Will be better next time!

Strawberry Crepes

In the afternoon we helped Viv move into our place. That’s right, Viv is now our roomie! Woohoo! Threesomes all round!!!! We helped her move her stuff into our place and got her all nice and settled in. I think Viv will be an awesome roomie because she’s just so much fun and also laughs at all my jokes. Criteria for awesomeness fulfilled :)

And for lunch I finally got to try my burger! I rushed it because I figured with all the health activists campaigning for HJ to stop selling this burger, it may not be around for much longer. 4 beef patties, 4 slices of cheese, bacon, and absolutely no veges, this burger may very well have taken a couple of years off my life span! It’s 1000+ calories in a single burger! Whoa! Its enough to cure anorexia with a single bite!!! Very similar to the double quarter pounder at Mac D’s, I could basically feel the juicy fat oozing into my mouth with each bite. Wonderful! However now that that’s out of the way, I don’t think I’ll ever order it again as unfortunately along with great taste, comes great guilt :( I think Viv was probably looking at me chowing down my burger in disgust…..

Hungry Jacks Quad Stacker Burger

Awww yeah… *blows load*

Post lunch, we went home and jumped into the pool for a swim. It’s been ages since we last went for a swim. With the summerish heat, the pool provided a nice, relaxing haven to cool off. That was until these 3 idiots came along and ruined the serenity for everyone.

One of the residents brought along these 3 wog dudes whom obviously didn’t live there and just made so much noise shouting, yelling, bombing into the water, and just splashing everywhere. Ruined a perfectly good pool session for everyone else there. Fucking dickheads…. I guess seeing as their riced up “doof doof” mobiles probably got impounded for street racing, they couldn’t do chap laps on George St anymore and had to be just general annoying fucks at someones house. Great….

Decided to try cooking another new dish today for the ladiez. The Lamb Rack turned out perfectly, wonderfully succulent and juicy with great flavour. The potato patty on the either hand, initially turned out to be a complete mess. For some reason, After making the potato mash and forming the patty, I just on reflex deep fried it only to watch it desolve right right before me in the hot oil. That was depressing…. I ended up having to just pan fry the next one instead which turned out much better. The sauce was actually just more of the same mash which I mixed with more milk, wasabi powder, and blended into a smooth saucy consistency. Not bad…. I might do this again next time with a potato rosti instead of patty if I could be bothered.

Spice Crusted Lamb Rack with Wasabi Mash on a Fried Potato Patty