Arrrggghhhh!!! Don’t mother in laws ever know how to knock??!!!! This morning was the latest in a long string in random barge ins with no forewarnings whatsoever!!!! Erica and I were in a… compromising position ABOVE the sheets with her making the most of the morning bio-mechanics of most men. And suddenly BOOM goes the door and in comes the MIL!!!! DAMMIT!!!!

She never fucking knocks!!! NEVER! Twice she’s barged into the toilet when I was taking a crap. Now at this point right here when I’m yelling that I’m in there, most normal people would automatically apologise and duck back out. Not so my MIL, she proceeds to come straight in going “never mind never mind” and continue to empty out the laundry hamper when I’m sitting right in front of her, in the midst of a great steaming dump, trying to cover my privates!!!

It absolutely shits me that she doesn’t knock before barging into the bedroom, with many other unlucky couples also having the same tale to share. But what kind of world do we live in when a man can’t even take a nice relaxing shit in peace, in the sanctity of his own home, unmolested without someone charging unreservedly and unapologetically through the door (that’s not his wife)??!!!



Oh, and HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!! GONG XI FA CAI or whatever…. I don’t even know what that means….