I’m not feeling well at the moment and it all started sometime yesterday afternoon. I woke up in the morning feeling perfect as per usual, but by lunch time I had a case of the sniffles that rapidly escalated into clogged sinuses and block ear canals. All the usual hallmarks of a head cold. Anyway, it got worse and worse until by the time I got home from work, I felt pretty shite.

Today I woke up feeling even worse than yesterday which is exactly what I friggin’ want for the weekend. Stoopid bacteria… be more accommodating!!! Anyway, I had a pretty odd dream last night. I dreamt that I went to the doctors to get myself checked out and hopefully get some pharmaceutical magic beans to get rid of whatever it was I had in time for the weekend.

The young female doctor did all the usual steps, she checked my throat, listened to my chest, looked in my ears, and finally held my hair back and looked at my forehead. After examining my hairline for a minute, she’s goes “Yup, just as I thought. I’m sorry to say this, but you have Herpes”. What the fuck??? Even in my dream I’m going WTF, except that I naturally thought it was real.

I was thinking how the hell could I have herpes, the only people I’ve had sex with in recent memory was Erica and that mouldy rubber vagina I found next to a dumpster that one time. Dammit Erica!!!! What had she been up to when I’ve been at work!? Then the doctor said “Hahaha, I’m just kidding, you’ve just got a cold”. That’s when I smacked her right in the face…. and woke up.

So there you go, I beat up women in my sleep. But don’t worry all you fantasy ladies…. just don’t tell me I have Herpes and you’ll be juuuusssttt fine.

Incidentally Erica also had a dream last night that she was in a park getting chased by an angry bear, and that I ran away leaving her to fend for herself. Hahaha… bear attacks are funny….

Back to reality for a minute, man, I miss medicare. Just went to the docter (real one and not a dream one this morning) and the total cost came up to $73 just for consultation, some cough medicine, clarinase, sore throat medication, and a small thing of cortizone cream for my eczema. I had no idea doctors in Singapore were so expensive! I guess I’m just used to Australia where medicare foots the bill for the consultation. Think next time I should try to stay away from shopping centres and just head to the HDB’s for a consult.

I hate being sick… have to cancel my drinking plans to night unfortunately and just stay home the entire weekend. What a waste…. But at least I don’t have Herpes….