Now one could be forgiven for thinking that with the impending visit of Paul, I’d be a tad awkward or perhaps bothered by the fact that the boyfriend of the girl I’ve been illicitly sleeping with is coming to stay for a week or two. This is what most of the group thought. I found out that some of them were gleefully anticipating perceived fireworks or some sort of odd behaviour should the time come.

For me this wasn’t an issue because as I said before, I wasn’t interested in Erica or so I thought. To me it was just sex, that is all. The situation bothered Erica alot more than it did me because she had cheated with her boyfriend, and she’s now put herself in a position where she has to keep up a facade or false pretense in front of him. Worse still, she has to sleep with him too. It was all about keeping up appearances until such time that he had departed, and that she could put the break up into motion.

I basically told her that when Paul arrivess, she had better have sex with the poor guy, otherwise it would be immensely sexually frustrating, and even worse, emotionally confusing and hurtful for him. Now regardless of what I may have made the situation with us sound like, Erica has high morals and standards, but she was just caught in a nasty web or triangle. She really didn’t want to have to sleep with Paul because it just felt so wrong to her. I told her in no uncertain terms that she had better do it, that I expect her to do it, and unless she wanted to break up with him right then and there, she really had no choice. And besides…. it’s not so hard. It’s hard to get started, but once you do, it’s all just physical. Sex just feels physically good, it’s just usually state of mind that makes it bad (I’m talking generally, not sex with a crap lover).

Well anyhoo, the day comes when Paul is due to arrive. I think it was a Friday. After work the group was gearing up to head out to dinner. Erica unfortunately couldn’t come because Paul was due to arrive and she had to wait for him. I spoke to her on the phone when I got home from work to see if she was okay. She was a bit worried and a tad afraid about Paul arriving. I asked her if she wanted some company whilst she was waiting, just to make things easier. If she was by herself with no distraction, the wait would be a killer.

So she said yes, she would be extremely grateful if I could keep her company until Paul arrived. Now I’m not totally clueless, I was very well aware of how things turned out everytime we were both alone in any given place at any given time…. and that would be millions of little me’s ending up dead. Normally I’d be looking forward with eager anticipation for that to happen, but not this time…. not this time.

I told myself that tonight was about Paul. It was about Erica and Paul. As far as Paul was concerned, tonight was going to be a special night because he is going to be seeing his girl for the first time in a long time. I would do nothing to jeopardise that. I swore to myself that there would be no fooling around, no kissing, no touching, nothing at all. It would be all above board, and no sleazy shenanigans. I would strictly be there as a figure of support for Erica…. for a friend in time of need. I even told Erica on the phone before I came that there would be no messing around tonight! And so I rocked up at Ericas place a couple of hours before Paul was due to arrive.

When I got there, I did my best to reassure her that everything was going to be okay. It was going to be a hard couple of weeks together with him, but she just had to do the best she could to get through it if she didn’t want to break things off with him. For all intents and purposes the only way to get through this easily would be to get back into the same frame of mind that she was in before she met me. And so we just talked and talked and talked.

Ericas phone then rang and she answered. It was Paul on the phone telling her that he’s just over an hour away from Sydney. Erica told him to make sure he calls her when he gets off the freeway and arrives in Sydney. So here it was, the final countdown. After a while, we stopped talking about the whole depressing situation that was looming before her, and started just chatting about normal things. We talked, we laughed, we had fun, we were friends.

Then we started play fighting on the couch….. and I’m sure everyone reading this knows where “play fighting” between friends of opposing sexes tend to lead…. sigh…. *smacks forehead*

It all started with a cheeky joke, then a pinch, then a push, then a push back, then grabbing each others hands trying to subdue each other from retaliating…. ARGH!!!!! That most common of pitfalls!!!! Before we knew it, our wrestling antics that had taken our struggle back and forth all over the sofa finally resulted in me falling onto my back with her ontop, pinning me down, my hands locked around her wrists, and us staring into each others eyes.

I’m sure you’ve all heard the saying about “Best laid plans of mice and men often go……” and the “Road to hell” being paved with so and so…. Well all I can say is…. yeah. Temptation is being taunted by triple choc ice cream when you’re on a diet. Temptation is 70% off a $1000 item of clothing when your credit card is almost maxed out. Temptation is finding out you have accidently been given free access to the porn channel on cable TV, and the right thing to do would be to report it.

Ending up all hot and bothered on your back with your lover pressed down against you, staring at you with hungry eyes, is not temptation. It’s God almighty up there in the heavens making up a cracking ol’ joke and saying “Lol… this’ll fuck him up”, and putting us in this position!!! So what happened next? Well…. you’d be kinda silly if you thought we went to the kitchen and baked a cake. If fact, you’d be silly if you thought we did anything but…. FUCK LIKE ANIMALS!!!!

And with that, all good intentions, self promises, and all that wishy washy shit went straight out the window. After we were done I remember looking at each other naked, seeing our clothes all over floor, and seeing the ummm…. state of the sofa. All I can say is, lucky it was leather that could be quickly and easily cleaned!!! We cleaned up the sofa and then sat there…. still starkers…. and wondered what the hell just happened. We were in the middle of talking about what just happened and how wrong it was when BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The fucking buzzer rang!!!

Erica answered the intercom and HOLY SHIT!!! Paul had arrived and was just downstairs, and here we both were standing there completely naked, recovering from post orgasmic euphoria, and covered in each others….. umm yeah! Farrrrkkkkkkkk!!!!!

Now I love Erica to bits. She’s normally quite an intelligent girl. But instead of delaying or stalling Paul, she panic’d and buzzed him straight up!!!! ERIIIIIICAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!! I had no time to get dressed at all!!! It was a 1 bedroom apartment, and I had nowhere I could hide!!! So what did I do?

Like lightning I grabbed all my clothes that I could see into a bundle, hoping to sweet merciful Jesus that I didn’t leave anything behind for him to find, looked around for a place to hide of which I failed, and bolted out the front door still naked!!! Right next to Ericas door is the communal laundry for that level. That was my only option and I hoped to god there was no one in it!!! Now mind you, the laundry is RIGHT next to her door. As in, the door to the laundry is smack next to, 90 degrees to her front door! Right as I ducked in and was about to close the door, I heard the *DING* of the lift door opening.

How the hell do I get myself into situations such as these???!!! I shut the laundry door quickly and quietly and braced the handle with my hands as there was no lock on the door, and thankfully no people inside! Right as I had closed the door and braced myself against it, I heard Paul right outside knocking on Ericas door! I heard the greeting, the ooomph of the hugs, and the sound of the kisses….

Some people say that there is such a thing as the smell of sex. Perhaps it’s pheramones or something, I’ve never smelt it, but some say after sex some people smell different. Well… I hoped to god that he didn’t smell it! After he entered the apartment, and the door was shut behind him, I quickly got changed, and exited the building!

I just couldn’t believe what had happened, it was like something out of a bad B grade 80’s raunchy college movie!!! But now, looking back, it makes me laugh every time :) It made for a great story that I take great relish in sharing with my guy friends!

Now the original plan was for the group to meet and greet Paul after he arrived. We were going to go to a cafe just nearby for a drink and a bite to eat. I called the group to tell them I was at the meeting point…. an hour early…. and that I’ll be waiting for them. I then received a text from Erica apologising profusely, telling me that he was supposed to call when he arrived in Sydney and not just turn up! I replied saying that it’s okay.

Now the group arrived first, and we all sat down. Of course I didn’t tell them about what happened that night, because I was quite ashamed of it. I also found out that they were very very interested to see what my reaction was to Paul. To see if I acted funny, or I got jealous, or otherwise. They were also interested to see Paul’s reaction, because to them, for a long time it’s been quite obvious that there was something between Erica and I, way way way before anything happened. Right when we were just starting to get to know each other as friends. Go figure….

To cut a long story short, Paul and Erica met us at the cafe, and everything was fine. I chatted to him and he seemed like a nice guy. Everyone was normal, probably to the disappointment of certain individuals. After the cafe, Hairul, Jon, Paul, Erica, and I went over to Jon’s place to watch a DVD. I did my best not to act too familiar with Erica or chat to her too much. It was late, I was tired, and so I decided to crash over at Jon’s place. So I retired to bed first. Right before Paul and Erica left, she came to say goodbye to me in the bedroom. And so spoke in low voices and alot of apologies were exchanged. We ended up talking for about 5 mins before she and Paul left.

The next morning I spoke to Erica on the phone to kaypoh about if she and P had sex. She said she was thankful she didn’t because she had the perfect excuse. By the time they got back it was about 4am or so, and so she said she was too tired and just went to sleep. I gave her a mock scolding, and told her to make sure she sleeps with Paul today. She has to force herself to if need be because otherwise it wouldn’t be fair to him. She told me that last night Paul had started to get jealous that she was in the room talking to me for so long….. And little did I know, this was the first such instance, for a long chain of such instances to come.

You know how just when you think things can’t get any worse than something that just happened? They do.

In one ear and out the other,
Receiving advice, but doing another
The flesh was weak, the resolve was thin,
Who else to blame? No one but him
So what of the girl, whom tempted the boy,
Stuck in her purgatory, avoiding sex with her ploy
So what of the boy, whom fled out the door
Unfortunately you’ll have to wait, and see in part four.