In all honesty, when I first heard the term “Swine Flu” and the severity of which is strikes, the first image through my head was a cute little cartoon pig, like Spiderpig for example, doing a cute little sneeze and then watching a domino effect of a million people around the globe just falling over.

But unfortunately, I’ve come to realise that the swine flu is no laughing matter. Or at least, I’m not the one laughing anymore. And that’s because I’m responsible for putting together and coordinating our damn IT Pandemic Emergency Plan which was just triggered today and boy do I have to say that sucks major balls.

The panic button was hit last Thursday and now I have to ensure that 200+ of the most important people in our client agency have secured remote access into the corporate network (in the most secure and pain in the assy way I’ve ever seen) should they either be hit with the flu or our primary site gets locked down, and have a ridiculously small window of time to get it done. So today, and the rest of this week, is going to be hell as I was already way overloaded before this little project came along! Another damn 13 hour day today in what looks to be a week full of them! For once, additional resources is not a problem, but it doesn’t do me much go as they have absolutely no experience in our technical environment and we have no friggin’ time to do any training for them! Damn you dangling carrot!!! *swipes at just out of reach carrot*

And also damn you Bacon, how could you do this to me!!! We had a deal Bacon… we had a deal!!!!! *shakes fist*