Erica’s plane has just touched down and she’s on the way home from the airport! Yays! Unfortunately I just got home from work and as such wasn’t able to be there waiting for her. Damn work… damn you work!!!

Sometimes I ask myself if I’m too emotionally dependant. But then, I remember that when I’m not in a relationship I’m also quite happy and don’t feel the need to get into one for the heck of it (not that I’ve spent much time being single over the years).

I’d like to think I’m neither, though I’m sure most would think I’m in denial. If I had to pick a category to fall into, I’d probably describe myself as emotionally adaptive instead… which is a long way of saying “normal”. I’m happy to swing either way.

But personality and character speaking, I’m more built for relationships than for being a solo act. Anyway, I’m not going to go into the whole sissy pussy emotional tralala routine all over again because I’ve done this whole unseemly emotional posting crap all too many times already on this blog.

My wife will be home soon, so it’s time to man up, adjust my balls, stash away the porn, and plough her like a road covered by 10 feet of snow. Giddy up!!!!