Okay seriously now, in which English dictionary does “trim” translate to “shave of the entire side of my damn head”??!!! Ohhh yeah that’s right silly me, I forgot that your vocabulary subscription is from the Engrish dictionary!!!

Dammit!!! Bloody $25 haircut and the guy doesn’t even understand the meaning of the word trim!!! Goes to show what I’ve always believed, that you can’t trust any damn guy that wears a sports coat with folded sleeves as a fashion statement. And not only that, white sneakers with an all black outfit!

Oh man, I should never have let you near my noggin….

See I don’t get it. Fair enough if you misinterpreted my request for “just a trim” when you asked me what I wanted. But my fringe comes down to just below my eyes, and you asked me if just a centimeter off the length of it would be fine and I said yes. And then you shave off the sides of my head!!?? What the hell???? How the fuck does that work??? How does having an eye level fringe go hand in hand with a number 2 down the sides of my head???

Damn you folded sport coat sleeves man…. damn you AND your white shoes!!!!