I’ve always sworn to myself that I’ll never be one of those people that’ll just litter their journal with pictures of babies. Because frankly, talking about babies is boring. They don’t do much, they don’t say much, and once again, they don’t do much. Any fun or entertainment caused by their presence is purely incidental and truth be it it’s not that we’re laughing with them, but it’s always at them. Try doing this to a grown adult and you’ll either get your head smacked in or called an insensitive pig (that last one be me).

Babies…. they just don’t do very much. A cabbage patch doll with a kilo of crack wedged up it’s plastic rectum is probably just as if not more entertaining than a real baby. So why all the fuss? What the hell is this magical charm that babies just seem to have over people? I don’t get it, but it’s there. For me, I don’t have much care for babies that I don’t know, but for some reason of late, I’ve been strangely fascinated by those that I do. Let’s just hope that it goes away by the time I get my own because I’ve always sworn never to be one of those people who just turns into some chronic poster about everything in the life of their tyke after it comes along. Remember and remind me of these words if that day actually comes!!!

Anyway, everyone’s gone out and left me at home again all on my lonesome. Erica has gone out for some girly catchup session and everyone else has gone to JB. Me, I’m staying at home because that’s what anti-social hermits usually do. They stay at home all dirty, unshaved, unshowered, and spouting nonsensical monologues to themselves. And they blog.

This post is actually a week late because I’ve just been so busy with work during the week. And also truth be told because I looked at my blog and realised that there would be almost 3 consecutive posts with heavy infant related content. But, here it is for all those mummies and daddies whom were present! Last Sunday was Mulan’s last day in Singers, Amanda’s and Bev’s folks invited us out again (god bless their patient hearts), for a wonderful lunch at Prima Restaurant.

Now Prima is actually a revolving restaurant. A really really really old revolving restaurant. It’s old and it smells old. It has that funky old carpet and wallpaper smell even though it’s probably been refurbished. You can’t hide the smell of old things. It’s like going to your grandparents place. Now matter how much perfume (assuming it’s not Old Spice) or air freshener you pump into that place, you’ll just never be able to get rid of the old person stank no matter how hard you try. I mean, I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, I’m just telling it like it is!

We were actually meant to have a Dim Sum lunch somewhere else, but we found out later that Bev had actually spoken to her parents that morning and baulked at the thought of them taking her friends to mere dim sum, and insisted on them taking us to one of her favourite restaurants! Lol… what can I say, it’s just Typical Bev!!!! Not even a few thousand miles can stop her from being a control freak!!! Hahaha… but I’m glad she did as lunch was great :)

You can tell when I’m not planning to take photos, and that’s when I end up using LX3. If I plan to take photos, I usually bring out the 40D. I hadn’t planned to take any photo’s at all today… but those infernal babies…. too damn cute they were…

Looking out at Vivo City

Daddy Bev has had enough of those damn paparazzi…

The Michellin baby seemed to be in high spirits!

Lunch itself was actually quite good and I really enjoyed all the food. Especially the crab egg dish thing that we had first (no photo). The Kong Bak Bao was also a little different to how I’m used to having it, with the pork shredded instead of cut into slices. It was also unusual in that it had quite a strong vinegar taste, which the dish usually doesn’t. Anyway, it was all good. I guess for a restaurant to be around this long, especially one that is patroned by a lot of oldies (and I mean that in the most endearing way), it has to be pretty good as the oldies are usually quite picky about their asian food.

It’s not the easiest place in the world to find despite the massive tower that says “Prima Restaurant” on it.

Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup

Some sorta fish I can’t remember

Peking Duck

We tried ordering the “Incomplete Fish” as the literal English translation went, just to try something new. Boy was that a mistake…

Kong Bak Bao or however it’s spelled

Duck Noodles

Fried Red Bean Souffle Balls

All up it we had a great time with everyone. Sadly Mulan and Arthur were flying out that day and we probably won’t see them again until August, but it was great catching up with them again :) Thanks to to folks for treating us to a great lunch and being so incredibly warm and hospitable as always. Thank you!!! :)

Don’t worry about the mess Arthur. I wouldn’t want that crap IN my mouth either!!!