As everyone by now can see, it’s been a pretty damn long time since I’ve whipped out the camera because as I’ve said before, I’ve lost the will to both shoot and blog. But on this occasion, I’ve made a special exception. Why? Because little Miss Andrea is turning 30 takes why! Hahaha.. that old fart. And so out came the camera for her sake. But as one can see, the most I could muster up was some armchair photography so that’s what I’ve become. A fat lazy butt on chair photographer. Sigh…. *pats belly* Oh, and pardon if the colours are quite off in the photos as I’ve gotten a new S-PVA monitor and haven’t colour calibrated it or setup the colour profiles yet.

Anyway, Andrea is special. Why is she special? Because I agreed to go to a damn Vegetarian restaurant that’s why! I’ve only dined at a Vegetarian place once in my life and that was because I was young and got roped into it by my parents (I still haven’t forgiven them for that). I’m sorry to all the frea….. sorry I mean Vegans out there, but I just can’t do it. Oh don’t get me wrong, I do have tremendous respect for Vegans. Granted I do think they’re stark raving mad, but all the same it must be quite tough giving up meat. So yeah, only for you AM!

Man was just not meant to live on Vegetables alone. It’s unnatural. It’s almost like being a nun. Being a Vegetarian is like deliberately choosing to masturbate when you could be having sex instead. I mean, sure it’s nice on the odd occasion because change is as good as a holiday and all, but as a permanent lifestyle choice? That’s just crazy talk!

The restaurant that Mr T organised was Original Sin at Holland Village. Ohhh how misleading that is…. Unless they were being sarcastic. A Vegetarian restaurant called Original Sin is just false advertising. It’s like faux cool. I’m sorry, there’s just nothing sinful about eggplant and tofu. I mean, maybe they mix crack into the tofu patties or something, I don’t know, but either way it ain’t sinful.

Original Sin

It was hilarious rocking up there and watching the reaction from all the guys after the menu’s were dished out. As much as we knew it was Vegetarian, we just kept hoping there was a mistake made somewhere and that there was a solitary meat dish hidden somewhere on the menu. Like an easter egg or something. I this was a computer game, I bet you’d be able to unlock a secret meat dish with a cheat.

Nothing really caught my eye and so I just settled for bread and dip platter for the entree and a lasagna for the main. I mean, if ever there was a Vegetarian dish that could masquerade as meat dish, it’ll be lasagna. I’ve had enough ooey gooey frozen lasagnas in my life to know that I could close my eyes and just pretend this was an overpriced version of one of them.

Mezze Plate
A selection of Middle Eastern dips served with falafel patties and pita bread

Magic Mushroom
Baked Portobello mushroom stuffed with ricotta cheese, spinach, pesto and pine nuts, topped with a tomato basil sauce and mozzarella

Bruschetta Basilico
Herb bread topped with Goat cheese, char-grilled eggplant, roasted capsicum and rocket

Corn Pattie
Corn pattie scented with lime leaves, served with a spiced mango salsa and a cucumber watercress salad

Bosco Misto
Spinach, feta and tofu patties served with sautéed button mushrooms in a plum sauce and topped with asparagus

Baked layers of pasta sheets with spinach, button mushroom, onion, zucchini, capsicum, tomato, mozzarella, & fresh basil topped with shaved parmesan

Okay now for the verdict. The food was actually pretty good. Good? Yes. Satisfying? No. It’s like I just had entrees and no main. I’m just not used to not having meat. But the truth is what we had was actually pretty good and quite enjoyable. I wasn’t really full at the end of the meal though. The experience just left me still wanting meat.

So would I ever go back? I think it’s pretty safe to say “No”. And I don’t just mean Original Sin, I mean any vegetarian restaurant. I don’t think I’d ever go to a Vegetarian joint by choice as it’s just not my thing. I’d go for someone else, but never just for me. Just for you Andrea, just for you :) I can say that because I know Erica would never ever ask me to go to a V place! 😀 But one thing that goes without question is that I had a great night, which is the most important thing!

Happy Birthday Yo!