And so, finally, Cooking with Mervyn has now officially launched. Last Saturday was the big day for Merv and Amanda whom did what most are afraid to do and take the big entrepreneurial plunge. Or as I call it, putting your balls on the line. But what is life without risks right? We can either take a giant leap forward and reach for the stars, or take cautious little steps always worrying about that the next might be where we fall. Only realising too far and too late down the track that only with risk will one reap true rewards.

Starting your own business in the small and hyper competitive dirt biscuit that is Singapore will always be a daunting prospect, but I have no doubts that Merv and Amanda be kicking ass and taking names all the way. Merv is truly gifted in what he does and of that no one can question. And so to two of the MAMETA six, I charge my glass to this awesome couple and wish them the best in their current and future Cookyn endeavours. With Merv rocking the back end and Amanda rocking the front end (Ooer… that kinds kinda dirty…), I know that all whom know them will jointly share their keen anticipation in watching their business soar :)

And so thanks for having us be a part of this wonderful milestone in your lives! :) We had an awesome time on Saturday and truly stuffed ourselves to the gills. The launch party on Saturday was very apt given that the CWM classes are about ultimately creating food from your own kitchen. It was pot luck and so everyone was responsible for bringing something that they conjured up themselves… well that was the idea anyway. Some came with food that they purchased instead of making themselves which really said something about them. Something like…. they don’t know how to lie!!!!! :)

To represent Team Merrica, my better half baked Peanut Butter Brownies and Walnut Brownies. I thought they were good, but that’s not for me to say because I’m biaised as all hell (and I want to get some sweet sweet lovin’ tonight) and so I’ll leave that up to the jury. The quality of all the glorious foods that were created by the grubby little hands of others were just wonderful. You guys should do this more often :) I especially loved the pineapple cheesecake which was sensational!!!

Anyway, on with the photos. I’ll just let the shots do the talking.

The Bigass Salad

Erica’s Peanut Butter and Walnut Brownies

DIY charm things to ID your wineglass with

Little did Amanda know that the guy from the Chicken Rice stall down the street had snuck into her party…

Who needs food when you can eat your own fingers…

Chunky Salsa and Corn Chips

And who said it’s hard to make a woman o….. Oh hello!

T&A’s (Hahahaha I just only realised) lovely Watermelon Feta Salad (Lol… still sniggering..)

Awesome Roast Beef courtesy of the hosts

Now I have to say, this was fricken’ awesome. Everyone knows I love a blue steak, and so this lovely slab of juicy red centered roast beef was abbbbssssoooolute perfection!!! Sure some may thing it’s just a tad on the rare side, but for me it was perfect! So so so so good….. The Teka Oven that Merv uses comes with a meat thermometer that you can stick into the roast and plug into the oven. So once the internal temperature of the meat hits the prescribed temperature, it’s done!!! Sure take the guess work out of cooking the perfect roast! I so need one of these bad boys because I’m a roasting rookie. No spit roasting jokes thank you… you sick juvenile bastards.


More Meat!!!

Moooorrreeee Meeeeaaatttt!!!

Rarer than a hot man hating lesbian…

Wonderful Pineapple Cheesecake! I so need to get the recipe for this one.

Someones homemade braised duck which was also sensational!

The Man of the hour himself making a speech

And the crowning. Or should I say, Aproning!

Cheers to you too big guy! Don’t forget the little people!!! *points to own mouth*

Tilden: Dude, check out the pirate.
Joan: Harrrrr I’m a pirate!

Damn babies… Always hogging the ladies. If he wasn’t here they’d be all over me… true story *touches finger to butt and makes sizzling sound*

Our own celebrity Chef. Or perhaps, Chefs 😉