Another sick day at home today. Man, there’s 4 people, including me, from my group on MC today. Something nasty must be doing the rounds. Oink… hope not.

Given that this week is a big week with Dawn and Bev’s wedding, I really hope that I recover in short order so that I can have my drinking shoes on by Friday (and drinking shirt, hat, pants, G, etc…)

Another point to note, when the hell will I ever learn NOT to get a damn haircut right when I can afford to have dicked up hair the least. Hunted around Holland V for the cheapest haircut place I could find whilst I was waiting for my number to be called by the doctor. 11 people waiting in front of me so I had plenty of time.

Quick cuts was still closed, so I ended up at this place on Level 2 about Cold Storage with Jabba the fricken’ Hutt as my hair dresser. With the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, having a hairdresser that was fat, slovenly, unshaved, and a year overdue for a haircut was probably not the wisest. I blame whatever illness I have for my spidey sense not firing up. Also possibly the fact that this place was $10 cheaper than all the other places 😛

Anyway, I don’t even know why I bother saying “Just a tidy up the back and sides” anymore. Every time I do, they seem to just raze my head the way the like it anyway. Feckers…. Maybe I just subconsciously love the drama of having a bad haircut… who the hell knows. Either way, I never get what I ask for.

I think I’ll just give up trying to grow my floppy hair back out… those long locks of my days of old are just doomed to never happen again.