Welcome back to Singers!

What an incredible weekend. Simple, yet incredible. I haven’t laughed so hard, and in such a way, for so long. Laughing the laughs that you can only do with oldest of friends. And the best of friends.

Damian and Nat stopped over in Singers this weekend on the way to Sri Lanka to visit us and man, I haven’t had fun like that in so long. And boy did I need it. To say it was so good to see him again would be a gross understatement. Since I left Sydney and touched down in Singapore, I’ve yet to meet a single guy that I can talk with and relate to in any way that comes even remotely close to that of my friendships in Australia. The people are different, the cultures are different, the interests are different, and the humour is different. If I wasn’t such an anti-social recluse I would have gone bonkers a long time ago. For me I feel that it’s far easier for women to bond in general than for men. To develop and maintain friendships not merely because of circumstance or interest, but also because of personality and character.

I’ve yet to meet local friends that I feel like I can truly be myself with, to truly bond with. To let fly with my own brand of uncensored puerile humour and laugh till my eyes water and I can’t breath. The personality differences I’ve found have so far been worlds apart. I’m not one to seek friendships because it all just seems to contrived, laboured, and unnatural. I’m a firm believer of if it happens, then it happens. As long as I have my loving partner I’m happy.

The good ol’ Uni Days back at Club Mac

Spending the weekend with Damo and I both laughing till our eyes ran with tears, our sides ached, and we simply couldn’t breath, whilst our partners just watched and shook their heads, really reinforced to me the importance of true friendship. There is nothing like old friends, especially those from the schooling days. Where your individual characteristics and personalities have intertwined so that you’ve all grown up together connected and in sync. With many aspects of your being in harmony with each other for both the good and the bad.

For me, there’s no two guys closer to me in the world than Paul and Damo whom I’ve both known for over 15 years now. The number of times we’ve been there for each other, and conversely deliberately fucked over each other for laughs (especially Paul), are too many to count.

With Paul, Stan, and Bawds for our last season of Futsal together

I remember the time Damo had started dating a new girl called Mel. He was living with Paul at the time. When they went out to dinner, Paul and I decided to pull a few pranks on them upon their return. We relocated his entire dresser into his wardrobe knowing that he would probably be too drunk to find it in there. We covered his toilet bowl in cling or saran wrap pulled tight, and closed the lid hoping for some messy antics to ensue when he stumble home with Mel. We removed the slats from under half his mattress which woudl cause the entire thing to collapse the moment him and his girl settled onto the bed to get busy. It was comedy gold :)

Conversely, he’s screwed me just as much in return. Damo and I also used to live together. On one occasion when I took a girl home from work, I had found out much to my surprise that he had taken the liberty of placing a brand new penthouse magazine, still in plastic, on my bedroom pillow. This I discovered when I took the girl into my bedroom, only to see this porno mag staring us in the face. Cue awkwardness. I explained that I had absolutely no idea how it got there and took her into the lounge instead. Only to discover that he had placed another brand new porno mag in plastic right on the dining table. Cue awkwardness x2. That bastard…

Or the time he gave the real estate agent the green light to walk in on me taking a shit during an inspection.

At my wedding with all 5 best men (because they are)

As close as we are, we have no social dependency upon each other. We all primarily socialise through our respective partners because we’re all too damn lazy to organise anything for ourselves. If our partners didn’t drag us out of the house and into their own social circles, we probably wouldn’t even leave the house. We all probably go months at a time without any communication because we’re all just that lazy. And this is when we’re all in the same country. Now that we’re in 3 different (me in SG, Damo in PNG, and Paul in AU), it’s probably doubly more so.

Anyway, enough of the sentimental crap. It was damn good to see him again. We just had a relaxing time for the last two days talking, shopping, eating, and just reminiscing the good times past and predicting the great times ahead. We went to a fish spa, had a massage, ate, shopped, and saw the Merlion. And the best part where the laughs… oh man… the laughs. I don’t know how long it’ll be before I’ll get to laugh like that again. I just hope it’s soon.

Damo and Nat are just recently engaged, and I’m so happy about that. She’s a truly wonderful girl and I have no doubt she’ll make that gangly giant very happy. And she and Erica get on great which is something I’m absolutely stoked about. Hopefully we’ll see them prior to their wedding next year. It will be an outdoor wedding overlooking the ocean somewhere so I can’t wait for it.

But, we’ve made plans to catch up again and do Thailand, Shanghai, Beijing, and Hong Kong together soon. That will be sensational because I know I’m usually bored out of my brain when I go to HK alone with Erica and she’s in shopping mode! Hopefully Paul and Monica will also be able to join us! That’ll be fantastic! Erica will have someone else to soak up all my juvenile energy for a change :)

Anyway, thanks for coming by Stan! We miss you guys already and we had a right fucking great time. Come again ASAP and Paul if you’re reading this, get your ass to Mars! Or SG…

Erica and Nat

Stan with his ridiculously large clown feet

At Happy Feet in Holland Village

The other 3 get back massages

Whilst I cop some dude with a foot fetish instead…

Brazilian Churrasco dinner at Carnivore

The lanky buffoon in action. Man that’s a big height discrepancy…

See you soon mate!