How time has really flown! Has it really only been 2 years? It’s incredible to think of how far we’ve come in the 4 short years we’ve been together and the incredible amount sheer joy, love, and laughter that has burst forth from this union during that time. This may very well be the last milestone in our relationship where the blissful life we share would just be but the two of us, because this time next year, there may possibly be 3. Well… here’s hoping anyway :)

To celebrate this annual week of birthdays and anniversaries last year, we were in Queenstown, New Zealand. This year, it was on the island of Koh Racha Yai, Thailand. And it was sensational. So here’s another one down with plenty more left to go. So gazing into the future and wondering if life from here on will be just us 2, or perhaps hopefully 3 or 4, as long as I’m with my keystone, the last piece of my puzzle, my sweetie pie, my soulmate, my wife, I’m in the best place on Earth.

I love you Babe. Hope you’re looking forward to dinner at Iggy’s tonight!!! :)