Can it be true? Is the big ass camera really making an appearance again? Could we be due for a cam whoring comeback? Who knows, but it’s way to early to tell just yet! I’ve come to quite enjoy not lugging that fat piece of magnesium construction around, but sometimes I do miss looking and reminiscing over photos of pretty food.

Anyway, last night T and A took us to a dinner at Relish as a combined Birthday treat for both E & myself. Relish is a burger joint and usually I’m not too fond of burger joints. Fast food ones excluded. To be more precise, I’m not usually a huge fan of fancy burger joints. Burgers are usually something that are so simple to make, I’d rather do it myself at home. Plus I’ve never really been impressed with any that I’ve really ordered thus far anyway.

So I wasn’t planning on eating much at Relish to begin with given the above note, as well as the fact that my stomach has been playing up on me of late. Damn you guts… I’d give you a smack if it wouldn’t cripple me over so much!! Looking at the menu, I actually wanted to get a pasta as they looked pretty good. But given that this was a burger joint, I decided to take the path of the least resistance (questions and heckling from present company) and order what I was expected to in a place like this :)

And I have to say, it was pretty damn good surprisingly! Now I ordered the Ram Lee burger because I love the traditional Malaysian side of the road at 1am made with questionable hygiene and probably unsafe food practices bacteria filled Ramlee Burger. There’s really nothing like it. That’s one of the few things I miss about visiting Malaysia, KL specifically. The ease of availability of roadside Ramlee burgers

They are fucking fantastic and I don’t really know why. Everything that goes into a RB is probably of questionable quality at best, but it always tastes so damn good I just don’t know why. I so wish they sold them in Singapore. Anyway, looks like Relish is doing their own take on it and it’s basically the same deal but with a thicker patty. Either way, it was really good!

The mince was not like the lean type mince you get in most gourmet burgers, but the composition of the patty was much softer. It basically melts in your mouth much more than most burgers. Does that make sense? Ah screw it, I can’t describe this… it’s good so go try it.

No wait, that’s what it reminds me off. It reminds me of a thicker fatter MacDonalds burger, like a double quarter pounder or something. That’s it! That’s probably why I loved it so much! It had that softy, juicy, fatty, flavourful taste and texture. I’m pretty sure that’s it, because it had a familiarity that appealed to me that I also couldn’t really place.

Along with the burgers, the Parmesan Wings with the chilli and blue cheese sauce were also great, as were the onion rings which were excellent. The Strawberry Cheesecake was also ace and a great way to finish the meal.

How am I sure the meal was good? Because my stupid guts didn’t resist one iota which it has been doing for almost the last week. Stupid guts… stupid ass guts…


The 2 far more responsible and less flatulant halves of the group

Parmesan Wings

Onion Rings

Bacon and Cheese Burger

Wild Rocket Beef Burger

Ram-Lee Burger

Probably complaining to each other (again) about the generation of natural gas as a renewable energy resource

Oreo Cheesecake

Strawberry Cheesecake

Yep, that be 4 T Man. That be 4… *high five*

We then adjourned to Clarke Quay for drinks where Merv and Amanda met up with us after their cooking class. Where Mr T knocked over the Mighty Oreo Tower of Chocolate Dominance so that the wonderful crumbly coating all fell onto the table, which he then scooped up and put back onto the cake. A man with almost as much (or little) belief in safe food handling practices as me, I like it! And all this in front of Chef Merv as well! Thumbs up T man, I’d do (and do) the exact same thing. What was even better was watching the mortified expressions on the faces of our better halves :) Truly a champagne moment.

Anyway, thanks again TA for the wonderful B’day din din! We had a great night! Cheers guys!