Now currently in the midst of trying to sort through my Japan pics, I realise, again, why I have such a huge posting backlog. And that’s because post processing my gazillion RAW pics post trip is a humungous pain in the ass. Remember what I said about shooting RAW over JPGs? Well feck that. Too much effort dammit.

Anyway, I’m slowly and somewhat unsurely getting through it. I’ve barely started and the enthusiasm has already been transferred somewhere else 😛 Plus I’m in the middle of an assignment as well.

Well anyhoo…. Japan huh? So what did I know about Japan prior to going? Some of the things that come to mind are Ninjas, Hentai, Lolinventions, Cosplay, Sushi, Geishas, Calpis, Ramen, Chikan’s, Pokemon, Train groping, Schoolgirl fetishes, Crazy Gameshows, Manga, Tentacle Monster Rape, Mos Burger, Godzilla, Maria Ozawa, Plum Wine, Hiroshima, Yakuza, Yakitori, Puffer Fish, Sony, Panty Thieves, Final Fantasy, and the Aibo… amongst just a few things.

Japan is a country like no other. So much so that’s it’s almost like a caricature of itself. A culture so unique and different it’s probably better discribed as a lolculture instead. That being said however, it’s a lolculture of whose tapestry is rich, interesting, immersive, and influential. I’m in love with Japan, and I cannot wait to return.

The food? Of the rather limited variety of local food that Japan offers, what we did have on the whole was very good. With the seafood being the freshest we’ve ever had, and the cooked food being well… up to expectations, Japan didn’t really gangrape my tastebuds on the flavour front. But that’s Japan for you, where fresh comes first and flavour/variety second. The biggest standout in terms of local food the entire trip? A humble bowl of ramen. No actually, there’s nothing humble about that ramen. It’s RAMEN JIRO BABY!!! Go google that bad boy. I’ll get around to posting about it eventually.

The women? Well Japanese media, both regular and adult, have lent me the perception that the majority of Japanese girls are hot. So hot in fact, that I was tempted to include bottles of Rohypnol and Chloroform as part of my travel kit just in case I couldn’t resist my urges. Sad to say, I was proven wrong. Unlike every other country I’ve been to, there seems to be a very notable lack of hot women on the street. The power distance (in terms of looks) between hot women in the media and those on the street seems to be far far higher than any I’ve seen. And many of them seem to have crooked teeth. Enough so for me to feel I have to mention this.

That being said, once you venture into the red light district, this all seems to change. One would be forgiven for getting the impression that all the hot girls have been roped into working for the numerous escort agencies and parlours that litter the place. Looking at all the “menus” being handed out, it certainly seems like it’s flavour country down here. It’s bizarre… but again, I’ll get to that when the pictures come up.

The previously endearing onslaught of both sincere and insincere greetings starts to grate on you when you’re fixed in one location for a period, and forced to hear it again and again… and again… ad neuseum. But a change of location soon reinstates it’s endearing attributes.

There’s just too much to say, and not enough motivation to say it all. So there you go… a brief snippet of Japan through my eyes. More details on route…

Emily the Strange… and evil