Argh… I’ve just had a relapse of whatever it was that I had in Japan. My health has been rubber banding back and forth since I’ve gotten back from Japan. Over the last week I’ve gotten sick, then gotten better, and now gotten worse again. Wtf?

I’m on a study break at the moment which is a good thing because I’ve been stuck in bed for the last few days, getting up only to eat and pick up the in-laws from the airport.

Being sick at this time of the year however does have it’s benefits. It allows me to quickly retreat back to my fortress of solitude when the big CNY festivities are in full swing downstairs.

What I hate however is the lethargy that comes these half assed sicknesses. Where, you’re stuck in this nexus where it’s not quite a full blown sickness, but yet seems to be like something that isn’t going away any time soon.

So anyway here I am, stuck in bed, bored and with nothing to really do. I don’t feel motivated to do much at all, even game, and I’m still waiting for others to make their move in Words with Friends. Which brings me to mention, Andrea, Tilden, Ayana, it’s your turn! :) Tiffanyx, time for a new game. That last one was so close!

For all of you with iPhones, go get Words with Friends and hit me up at merrillyap. Keep me entertained yo.

Alternatively, someone give me a topic to blog about. I’m bored… entertain me. Give me a semi-interesting general topic to write about. In the meantime, I’m just going to roll over onto my face.